Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stupid Jerk

On top of my current extremely fragile state or perhaps it is what is putting me over the top, I will have to go to court to see the other driver.
I got a call from the homicide investigator yesterday.
The other driver has hired an attorney.
And he wants to go to court.
And since I was a passenger aka a witness, I have to go to court as well.
Great. Just great.

What is there to prove? Not to mention the two police officers who saw the accident happen and will be subpoenaed to testify against him.
He had bald tires in Florida summer in the middle of a tropical storm.
He was on his way to work and completely was in the wrong lane of the fork in the road when he decided to change lanes illegally.
Wasn't this his normal route to work?
How could he have not known about the fork in the road and which lane he was suppose to be in?
Why was he driving in a tropical storm with bald tires?
Why was he driving in Florida with those tires?
Why was he driving at all with those tires?
It was raining all week. This could not have been the first or even probably the twentieth time he had hydroplaned with his tires.
This was the summer time where it rains everyday in Florida.
And looking at his tires (pictured above) I would say he even hydroplaned the previous summer.

The worst part is my memory.
Currently, I do not remember this asshole's face.
I remember his body. I remember his animal control officer uniform. I remember his car.
But due to everything else that was going on I do not remember his face.
And he lives on the east side of town or at least his wife's address is in the east side. Of course that is the same side as me.
And once I see his face again, I won't forget it.
I will always remember this jerk as the guy who killed my husband because of his own stupidity.

Ugh... what a fucking asshole.


Marlyn Wilkin said...

WTH does the other guy want to go to court? Does he just need more proof that he is stupid and at fault?!?

Holly said...

Just let me know when and where and I'll be there. Jerk doesn't even begin to describe...

Sean said...

that idiot, look at those tires! and why do i pay all those tolls and the expressway authority spends it on epass advertisments instead of a freaking center barrier.

robyn said...

oh my GOD. what an ass/idiot/jerk/moron/piece of work....WHY does he want to go to court? what is he looking for???

Laura said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! And I agree with everyone else- what is he trying to prove?!

Star said...

I should clarify that he hired a defense attorney. He could have plead guilty to the charges and we would not have to go to court. Instead, he is fighting the charges...

Anonymous said...

still confused..what is there to fight? what possible kind of defense could he have? ugh