Saturday, March 21, 2009

Car Organ Donation

A while ago, I wrote about how I see that stupid Acura RSX everywhere.  
A car that is not even made new anymore.  
A car that was discontinued in 2006.
It still happens almost every single day but I took someone's advice and if I start to see it I look away.
But they are everywhere.
Just driving around.
And sometimes it seems they follow me around.

Well, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who drives one [yes, I have a friend who drives one and I am not even counting hers when I see it] needed a new seatbelt system.
Her husband mentioned getting one from a junk yard.

I started thinking about that a few days ago.
Roger donated his organs to help save five people's lives.  
Why wouldn't his car do the same?
He took good care of his car so there would be lots of parts available on the passenger side.  
I do not think much of the engine could be salvaged but I could be wrong.
I probably am wrong especially with my very limited car knowledge.  

So maybe that is why there are suddenly like five million more Acuras on the road.
Maybe they all needed parts and Roger's car helped save them.
Maybe that is why I find them parked in front of me.
Maybe that is why I find them cutting me off in traffic.
Maybe just maybe.

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