Sunday, March 22, 2009

Required Education

Roger and I had this term called "required education."
We basically used it if we really wanted the other one to do something like see a particular movie.
For Roger, he was required to see "Garden State" and I was required to see a ton of comic book related movies.  
It was fine.
Neither of us made a big deal about it.
It was mostly us being silly as usual.

"Watchmen" was one of those movies that Roger had been counting down for a while.  
Roger had this website he went to and it would tell him the different countdowns to different comic related movies and TV shows.  
So when I first saw the trailer for it and the posters, I told myself that I would not see the movie under any circumstance.
Not at all.  

Because I knew that movie would have been required education.
And I refuse.
Roger can no longer tell me what I am required to do and what I am not required to do.
He lost that privilege.
He died and left me so he can no longer tell me what to do.
Never again buddy.

I am being a little bit of a rebellion.
I am pissed off.
Roger made me fall for him.
Roger made me fall in love with him with his damn Chinese voodoo.  
He broke down my walls and made me vulnerable.
He made me think I was set for life.
And then he fucking died and left me.

For those people who leave me and leave me randomly, I rebel against them.
Roger hurt me.
Roger broke my heart.
I never expected him of all the people to break my heart like this.
And for that, I will not see his stupid movie.  

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Rach said...

I think you want to see the movie. But I have been wrong 1 or 2 before. Wish I could take you. You might cry and be mad. But it looks really good...