Saturday, March 7, 2009

Property of Roger

I was not one of those brides that wore really sexy underwear under the wedding dress.
I was not traditional bride in many senses.  
First, I knew that it would be a really hot and sweaty day with all those layers and all that dancing.  I would be really gross and I was really gross.
Second, I am more practical than that.  I wanted to be comfortable as possible since I knew I would be nervous.  
One of my friends gave me good advice and said to take a shower after your wedding and before the wedding night "activities" so again no use for super sexy lingerie if I was just going to shower before activitying.  

So instead I had cute printed underwear for Roger.   
They were blue (one of my something blue for the day) and cotton and comfy.  

Roger wanted me to have something that said "Property of Roger" after the wedding.  
Just cause he was silly like that.  
Umm, yeah... no.  I do not think so.  
I was not nor am I nor will I be property of anyone.  
So even though that sounds cute for him.  I could not do it.

So instead, I had them printed to say "Roger's wife."
As he unzipped my dress after a wonderful and fabulous day, he saw them.
He thought they were cute.  
And I am sure his ego was a little more boosted.

I have not seen those panties since the accident.
I think they are in the bottom of my underwear basket but I am not sure.
And part of me does not want to find them.
And another part of me wants to put them with all the other wedding day memorabilia.  
And another part wants to wear them.

Of course I will always be Roger's wife.  
With or without the panties to prove it.
I am sure I will be referred to as that for many years to come.  
"Ya know Roger's wife, Star, is writing a book."
But I do not mind.
I loved and love being Roger's wife.  

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Kitty Bear said...

That's a cute idea! Glad he liked them...exactly what they were for :)