Monday, March 2, 2009


I stopped watching regular television a few years ago.  
I only watch a few of the popular shows that other people watch.
Like I have never seen a full episode of American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Bones, Dexter, Lost, Survivor, and many others.

However now, I watch a lot of HGTV.
It is a safe channel for me.
There are very few shows that evoke a lot of emotions.
Not many people are dying on the show.
Not many people have sick love ones.
It is just nice and safe.

I watch it for hours.
Or at least have it on for background noise.
In the last six months, I have seen some episodes two and three times.
But that is okay.

Due to this channel, I have also done some things to my house. 
Like make my own headboard.
Paint my dining room and living room.
Hire someone to paint my kitchen, family room, master bedroom, and master bath.  
Curtains have been hung.
Sofas have been slip-covered.
Furniture has been re-arranged.
The walls now have things on the wall.

Now if Roger were here, he would jump in about now and say "She's been watching this channel even before I died."
But he is not here to argue that point.  
I did watch it before.
But not as much as I do now.

When Roger was around and we did happen to watch this channel together, we watched a lot of flipping houses shows.  
Especially the ones where people were flipping an investment house for the first time ever.
And it was like watching a train wreck for Roger.
He had a love/hate relationship with them.  Probably more of a hate/love thing.
He would hate to watch these people who know nothing about construction, time management, or budgeting make these stupid mistakes.  
He would tell them what a moron they were.
He would complain about how these people were the stupidest people ever.
But yet, he would not get up and walk away from the television.  

A few weeks ago, I found a new show on HGTV.
One Roger would have a new love/hate relationship with.
This new show at least admits these people have no idea what they are doing.
And they slightly make fun of the people on this show.
It is called Renovation Realities.  
It cracks me up.   
It cracks me up more to think of Roger's reaction.
First he would hate it, then he would be addicted like me.


Teri said...

I love love love HGTV! I am really into the new show about the realtor with the puffy corkscrew hair - love her! I, however, do not care for that Sondra lady from property virgins...I'm thinking she was one of the people Roger thought was an idiot :)

Joanne said...

I saw that show, too! Javier and I laugh because it's usually how our projects go - I mean, the boy made his own couch!

Roger would have loved the show and probably could have taught Javier a thing or two. :o)

The Pickards in NYC said...

I don't watch the house flipping shows too often...but the other day I was watching one (can't remember the name). This guy and his wife (along with his brother and wife, in the beginning) were flipping what they called the "cat house"...and a couple times during the show this guy hit his chest, I guess to pump himself up...he looked so ridiculous! LOL