Sunday, March 1, 2009

Going to the movies

Roger and I went to the movies a lot.
We even did our first meeting at the movies - "Corpse Bride".
It was always a great date night for us.
It was simple yet entertaining and casual.  

We usually took turns picking movies.  
Some movies were "required education" though.
Like, I had to see "Incredible Hulk" and Roger had to see "Garden State."
We would tease each other about having to see these movies.
It was fun.  I did see some movies that I probably would never have seen otherwise and I liked them.
And I would like to think Roger saw some movies he enjoyed thanks to my odd taste in movies.  
I also had this habit that Roger would make fun of me for every time he caught me.  
I used to make a list during the previews.  So as movies came up that I wanted to see, I wrote them down.
Then I would go home and add them to my netflix account.  
I wanted to make sure I saw these movies.  
Roger would look over at me as I was trying to secretly write down the names and then he would laugh at me.
And sometimes he would gesture for me to write down one for him.
See, it is a handy habit.

And even when Roger was alive and well, I went to the movies alone.  
I would see those really cheesy chic flicks that I just did not want to subject my poor boyfriend/fiance/husband to like "27 dresses."  
Or if I was bored.
Or if I was just in the mood and Roger was busy.  
So it is not unusual for me to go alone.
I have been doing it for years even before Roger.

So appropriately yesterday, I went to a movie alone.
Six months from the hardest decision of my whole life (and I pray that it was the hardest decision of my life because I do not think I can ever do anything like that again), I was alone in a movie theatre.  
Eating my kid's pack.
See another movie most of the general public will hate.
And it was probably one of the few moments where I hated being at the movies alone.  
I just wanted someone to make fun of my list taking although I cannot bring myself to do it anymore.
I wanted someone to look at me during the sad parts to see if I was crying.  
I wanted to hold someone's hand.  
I wanted to share my skittles.  
But the seat next to me was empty.
On both sides.  


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Joanne said...

Javier always likes to go to the movies alone, too. In fact, that's his birthday wish this year - to spend the whole day watching movies. It works for me because I never like movies enough to sit through them from beginning to end.