Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Guy Friends

I have an amazing set of guy friends. And several of them.
I can think of almost a dozen.
Not that my girl friends are not just as amazing because they are.

I have always had lots of guy friends.
I tend to get along better with boys.
My friend Siobhan would say it is because I have a partial male brain.  

These guys have just been amazing though.
So many of them will just drop whatever they are doing to come help me.
From fixing the now sold motorcycle, helping me finish the aquarium stand [I think it has been touched by all my guy friends], letting me borrow their truck, fixing my toilet (several times now), hanging curtains, taking me to dinner or breakfast or even making me food, to building Ikea furniture and probably a zillion other things I am forgetting.

I am just humbled by their generosity.  
Why do they continue to take care of me?  
What did I do to deserve such amazing friends?  
It is just so awesome to have them around me.
To know they care.  
To know all I have to do is call which is usually the hardest part for me.    

Sometimes it feels like they are the hands and eyes of Roger.
Not that they replace him.
No one ever will.
But they help fill in.  
They help get me through.  

These guys are just so kind to me.
I wish I could pay them all back somehow in more than words.
To let them know how much I truly appreciate absolutely everything.
I am very thankful.
Very thankful for everyone.  

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