Friday, March 6, 2009

"Drive Safely" Sign

Florida residents and Florida vacationers know the "Drive Safely" signs.
They just are posted along the Florida roadways to gently remind motorists to be a little more careful.  
Each one is placed by the families who have loved ones who died from accidents.

A few months ago, I wanted to get one for Roger.
I called the number my investigator gave me.
"We do not do those on that road."
Which I interpreted as they are not done on that road at all. 
I accepted it.
When I returned to work, I would have had to pass it each day.
I did not need/want a daily reminder what I already could not forget.
So I dropped it.

In recent months, I have seen these signs on that exact roadway.
And I quit my job.
I no longer would have the "opportunity" to pass the spot each day.
I re-read Roger's one and only blog entry about "Stupid Human Drivers."  
And I started to think that Roger would really be honored a lot by one of these signs.  
And if anything, if that stupid asshole bastard jerk driver went that way home from work, he would have to pass it each day.
He would have to be reminded of what he took from me and everyone else.  
He would at least see it in his peripheral vision.
At least someone in his car may look at it.  
At least he would be reminded that he was in an accident and he was the driver.  

I found out recently due to my investigator that they do certainly put those up there.  
So today I got the proper person to talk to.
And I just had to write a letter and she will take care of getting me a sign.  
It will give me some sort of some control of my situation.  


Mamie Hall said...

Yay for little bits of control!

Juli said...

Hi, can you help me get to the right place/person to get one of those signs as well? I have been searching online and want to get one in memory of my brother James who we recently lost in a motorcycle accident.

Juli said...

p.s. I'm very very sorry for your loss. :(

Star said...

Juli, call the dept of transportation.

Aaron said...

that is the link with information. it says you have to contact the local DOT office in your county, and lists the phone number for each one.