Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny thing about widows

Yes, its not expected to be 27 years old and a widow.
I understand this. Believe me I do.
Or to be 28 years old now and a widow.
Yes, its not normal. Is wasn't my plan at all.
Its not what people think of when the word "widow" comes to mind.
What do they picture?
An old lady who is grey, short hair, wearing modest clothing.
Is that me?
No, not really.

Well, good news is I got one of my policies for Roger.
Funny thing is... all of the pictures in the guide book.
Front picture is lady I described above.
The humorousness begins there.

For my reading pleasure, they included some testimonials from others "like" me.
The closest person in age is 21 years my senior.
But they all love their TCA.
They also included some stories about other people who "understand" what I'm going through.
One lady was married for 45 years.
I wish and beg that I could have been married 45 years.
Or even one year. But of course I'd beg for five if I had one.
Another man, surprise, surprise, was in his 50s.
Man, I'm so glad these people are like me.

Yeah, I have lots in common with those people.
Let me count the ways...
Hmm, one.
We all had spouses that died.
We all life insurance.
Hmmm, that is about where the similarities stop.

I know I'm in the minority here.
But come on marketing department, a little sensitivity would be nice.

And I thought this was a humorous job title - Delivering the Promise Specialist.
Just imagine that conversation at a cocktail party.
"What do you do, Dan?"
"I am a Delivering the Promise Specialist"
"Oh yeah, for 28 year old widows?"
"Oh no, just old folks."

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Holly said...

Delivering the Promise eh? Sounds like the title of a church sermon, not an actual job title. Gotta love marketing people - providing sterotypes in booklets and brochures that are usually more comical than helpful or informational. (No offense to any marketing majors/career people out there reading this hah)