Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just finished watching the presidential debate and listening to the news afterward.
It kinda makes me sad to know Roger won't get to vote.
He will have no say.
Which I know makes sense since he won't be affected but I know he would be disappointed.
We both were excited about this election.
But we were also excited about the one back in January for the primaries.

We both believed it was super important to vote and to be informed.
We were even the dorks who attended those town meetings about different issues.
I went to one about the potential train routes and the expressway.
Roger was planning on going to one after we got from our trip to Virginia about crime or something.
Yeah, we were involved and all grown up.

At first, since Roger and I are not of the same party affliation, I wouldn't tell him who I was voting for back before the primaries.
It was kind of funny.
He found this website that matched you to your ideal candidate like eHarmony for you and your vote.
We would watch the candidates when they went on Leno or in different interviews.
He even made me give him hints about who I was voting for back in January.
Finally I gave in if he would tell me his, I'd tell him mine.

Here in Florida we had an election back on August 24th as well.
He send me a website to help me beforehand to figure out which people I wanted to vote for.
He was great about this stuff.

I wonder what he would think now with all these negative ads.
I wonder what he would think of the debate just now.
Or the vice president candidates.
I wonder who he'd be voting for (although I pretty much know).
I so just want to call him and talk about this stuff.

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Kitty Bear said...

Will and I aren't the same party affiliation either. Makes for interesting nights around here, sometimes...but it sounds like you and Roger had a pretty good political relationship! That's more than many people can say :)