Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Halloween Party

Roger and I did two parties a year.
One for my favorite holiday - July 4th.
And one for Roger's - Halloween.
I like Halloween as well but still adore July 4th.

Our July 4th party this year was pretty cool.
We had lots of friends over and front row seats to the everlasting fireworks show.
I remember Roger even got hit in the eye from debris.
Yeah, that caution tape was there for a good reason.
Maybe we shouldn't have crossed it.

Today is our Halloween party.
Back in late July early August we had started planning what day and what we were going to be.
Roger wanted to be Greatest American Hero and I wanted to be Wonder Woman.
We had picked today as the date since we wouldn't have to compete with the downtown going crowd.

After Roger's death, it was depressing to think I'd be spending his favorite holiday alone (among all the other depressing feelings).
I didn't think I could go through with the party.
This party along with so many other small plans we had were gone.
However, I kept thinking, he would love for me to decorate the house.
He would love to have people come over.
He would want me to have our party.
So I am.
All my friends have got together and helped me plan a terrific party.
I decided since Roger turned out to be a superhero, in his honor I asked everyone to come up with a superhero costume.
We have so many good treats due to all our wonderful friends.
And there are so many cool decorations.
I know he'd be excited about them.

It is bittersweet.
There are just some things that are his duties to do.
Clean the coolers. Clean the chairs.
Do the spider webs outside.
Do all the decor outside.
And I hate doing his things.

But I am determined to have fun tonight.
Celebrate my wonderful husband.
And be his Wonder Woman.

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Nery1202 said...

Oh Star, I've never posted a comment because I can never think of the "right" words to say. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how I amazing I think you are. Your posts are beyond anything I've ever read and I have cried, laughed and been just taken away from your words. Everything is so heartfelt. Thank you for letting me a part of that. It even helps me cope with things in my life, again...thank you. About your Halloween party, I think it is so wonderful that you're going through with it. It just proves again what an amazing, strong and passionate woman you are. The theme is incredible also! I hope you have as much fun as you can today and I'm sure Roger is super proud of you. Thanks again for allowing your thoughts and feelings to be read.
Nery (mannyandnery-the nest)

P.S.: I love your tattoo :-)