Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Fall

So the weather finally changed.
It is a glorious time of year here in Florida.
One of my favorite times of the year.
The reason I stay here.
The reason I suffer through the really hot, humid days.
In Florida, it is fall.
The days are about 70ish.
The nights are cooler to about 40-50.
I love it.

But it reminds me.

The morning of the accident it was warm.
It was humid.
It was balmy.
It was a typical August morning in Florida.

Then after a few weeks, the weather turned cold last fall.
Against my will, I entered a new season without him.
It was hard.
It was awful.
I did not want to leave summer without him.

And it is here again.
Time for jackets.
Time for jeans.
A whole year without him.
Completely realized.
Not just the date of a year has past but now, summer is over.
I have gone through an entire cycle of seasons.
Without him.

Life has changed.
I have changed.
And now the weather has changed.

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