Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mrs. Doubtfire

I finished my exams for the semester yesterday.
Straight As for the term.
I also took the second of the three state teaching certification exams yesterday.
So now it is time for Christmas break.
Time to relax.

Today I decided I would not be leaving my house.
At all.
I did manage to shower.
But no trips to the grocery store.
No errands.

Just me.
My computer.
My camera.
And some movies on television.
Fun times.

All day I have been in exercise pants, Christmas socks, and a sweat shirt.
Comfy times.

One of the movies on television was an old time favorite of mine - Mrs. Doubtfire.
I love Robin Williams.
Love the story.
Makes me laugh.
But like I mentioned the other day, I never noticed the widows in the movies.
Until now.
Mrs. Doubtfire herself is a widow.
Even in this movie, there is a widow.

And I know that Robin William's character's character had ulterior motives, but still.
Her/His comment bothered me.
When his ex-wife starts to date someone new, she asks when Mrs. Doubtfire started to feel desires after her husband's death.
Her reply, "Never. Once the father of your children dies, you never want someone else."

Now, I have not met too many older widows.
Just my mother-in-law and her sister but still.
I do not believe this statement is true.
Almost every younger widow I know has "desires" for love.
And more importantly, sex.
Yes, we need sex.
And I believe it is normal.

I guess the part that really bothers me is that if others watching this movie or in life believe this is true of widows.
If society thinks widows should just close themselves off for someone new.
Never have sex again.
Never be in love again.
Maybe they think that of only older widows.
But even then, why is that fair?

No one deserves to be alone and/or lonely.
We deserve to be desired and have desires.
We deserve sex.
We need it just like everyone else.

Ugh, Hollywood widows... mostly far from the truth.


AndreaRenee said...

I've noticed SO many shows w/widows and widowers now... especially Disney movies!
And I hear ya, sister...

Katie said...

I found this post to be quite interesting. I can tell you that there is hope (at least from what I've scene in my own family). My great Aunt is a widower of 3 husbands, and a few years back she had a boy friend at age 70(ish), and unfortunately to our knowledge--they had sex (A LOT)!