Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have come to hate my "title".  
I hate the word "widow".

I do not like the way it defines me.
Or how other people let it define me.  
I am mostly bothered how other people define me.

I do not like the way it makes me feel how I should act a certain way.
Be a certain way.
Move a certain way.
Yes, I know I am "normal" compared to by widow friends but non-widows do not understand. 

I hate the image the word "widow" it puts into people's head.
Old lady wearing black as my friend Candice puts it.
I hate the way the suddenly look at me.
Sympathy is fine.  But the pity in their eyes is unnerving and unrattling.
I hate how they act around me.
Suddenly they do not know what do say or not say.
I hate how they cringe as they hear the title.  
Some people even slouch their shoulders and their facial expression winces.  

I hated the title "fiancee" too.  
It sounded so snobby.  
Sounded so weird.  
I rarely used it.  
I hated to hear it.
I hated to use it.  

And now, I am trying hard not to say the word "widow".
It just seems so dark.
So old.
So sad.
So depressing.  

I did come up with a title for Roger when typing to others - LH.  
It stands for late husband.
Using the whole thing spelled out sounded like I was in my 50s/60s.  
Using his name feels weird sometimes.
Not that it is sacred or anything, but just strange.
A feeling I cannot really describe. 

Ugh, titles.  
Cannot live with them or without them.

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Joanne said...

My title for you is fabulous friend...awesome friend...totally cool friend...friend that says what I'm thinking and it's usually hilarious...friend that makes me laugh...the list goes on and on. :)

Thanks for being such a great friend!

Love you!