Sunday, May 31, 2009


I live alone.
I live alone in a house that was too big for two people.
I live alone in a house that was too big for two people who were not sure they were ever even going to have kids.  

I like living alone for the most part.
I have lived alone a few times in my life.
It does not bother me.

However, every once in a while I think "Maybe I should get a roommate."
Then I think again.
Am I too old for a roommate?
I mean, I have had roommates that were in their 30s.  
In New York, it was not unusual to have a roommate at my age and older. 

Then I think again.
It would be nice to have the extra income. 
To have extra money to spend on whatever I want.
To buy those extra things for the house.  
To go on an extra trip.  
To buy some new clothes.
To go out without guilt.

Then I think again.
But do I want to put up with someone else.
Someone who is not related to me.
Someone who I am not in love with.
Someone who will make a mess and leave it.
Someone who will look at my mess.
Someone who will look at all my stuff.
Someone who will have annoying people over. 
Someone who will make lots of noise.
Will someone want to put up with me?

Then I think again.
But it would be nice to have someone to talk to at home.
Someone to share the day with a bit.
Someone to share meals with every once in a while.
Someone to watch television with.

Then I think again.
I remember all the bad roommates I have had in the past.
Of the twelve or so people I have lived with, I would only live with about one or two of them again.
Those are not good odds on getting another good roommate.  

It also means I would have to deal with the roommate upstairs completely.  
And right now it is a room I rarely enter.
A room that has a door and no reason for me to go up there besides putting items in the closet I no longer want to see.  

The debate keeps going.
And it is another decision I really do not have the strength to make.  

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Gretch said...

i just recently got a roommate, another single mom. it has been the most amazing and positive experience i've had in a while. our kids are loving it too. it is great to have people to lean on in the world, however that looks for you. :)