Friday, January 9, 2009

Chinese Voodoo

So if Roger gets the "She came in the middle of the night" thing about our first night as "dating" then I get "Roger was using Chinese Voodoo."

When I first read Roger's Match profile online, he mentioned how much he liked martial arts and specifically qigong.
I thought "Great... A guy who likes to fight for fun."
So it was a bit of turn off at first. And maybe a little dorky.
But it was his thing and everyone needs their own things.

I even tried qigong a few times.
As Roger was a man of many hobbies and talents, he was an instructor of qigong for a small group in downtown Orlando.
He taught this group about once a week.
Roger begged me to at least try it.
And being the coolest girl-I-am-seeing, I went along a few times.

Specifically, I think I went twice.
First time as an introduction and second just to make sure that I, to put it nicely, hated it.
It just was not my thing.
It was Roger's thing.

Part of Roger's qigong practice was his meditation habit.
He tried to do it a few times a week.
He even had a set up in his bedroom at his house and a whole corner of his bonus room upstairs in this house.
And during the fall months he had a specific longer meditation he was suppose to do every night for ninety days.
Yes 90 nights for 90 minutes.

The year we met was the first year Roger was doing this specific meditation during the months we met and started talking.
It was specifically designed for him by his instructor.
It was to be done during this specific time of year with specific mantras.
He called it his balance of elements and I called it his Chinese voodoo.
In the most loving teasing way.

Of course, I said it was why I fell for him.
Not because he was suave and charming and handsome.
All because of his Chinese voodoo.
My theory was that he somehow tricked me to him.
I theorized his meditation mentioned me and it drew me into him.
I was under his spell.

Yep, I was totally under his spell.
But I think it was because we did balance each other.
He was my ying and I was his yang.
Not because of silly Chinese voodoo.
Of course, I won't tell him that.
If he asks, it was his Chinese voodoo all the way.

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txmomx6 said...

I love this post.
Maybe because I get it.