Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lifelong Learner

Now that I am in school to become a teacher I am doing lots of things including reading textbooks, studying, and doing homework.
I also moved out of my office into Roger's office.
I figured our house did not need two offices for just one person.

The other day I was reading one of those textbooks and I remembered all of Roger's studying.
He loved to learn new things.
He was always trying to get some new certification or taking some new class.

In high school, he did not like school too much.
He would tell me how he slept through school.
He hated it.
However, once he learned that he was dyslexic and he was not dumb as he previously thought, he adored learning.

As I sat in "his" chair in "his" office, I remembered all the times I found him sitting there staring over a book or the computer screen.
I looked around and saw all his certificates and diplomas.
I thought about how I would try to distract him sometimes just because I wanted his attention.
Or I wanted to talk to him.
Or I just wanted to see him react.

I remembered all the times I would strip and wait to see if he noticed I was naked. He always noticed.
All the times, I would just stare at him till he looked up.
All the times, I would IM him from the other room to remind him that I loved him and ask him if he missed me.
All the times, I would bounce into his office to see how he was doing.
Or maybe just bring him some water because I knew he was not drinking enough.
All the times, he would call me in there because he wanted my help or show me what he knew.
All the times, we would have family meetings and he would make me bring in a chair so we could discuss the budget or whatever.

The cats loved when he was in his office.
He would sit on the edge of the chair so Gadget could get behind him and put her feet on him.
He would clear off the area near the wireless modem so Gizmo had a place to lay.

Roger was going to be studying for a graduate certifcate.
And he was going to be programming a new database for his office inventory system.

Roger was a lifelong learner.
A person who was always wanting to do something new.
Maybe sitting in his chair will help me.


Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

I find myself doing those same things to distract my sweet guy from his constant reading and learning of new things. I love that part of him, the part that never wants to stop learning, but it doesn't stop me from wanting that attentions sometimes. Roger sounds like a wonderful man.

Kitty Bear said...

I like to distract FI also...and exactly how you described it too! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Sounds like, with Roger, it definitely worked for you :)