Thursday, January 22, 2009


After Roger and I got engaged, my apartment lease was almost up.
So to save money for the wedding, I moved into his house.
Roger had a fully furnished three bedroom house.
I had a two bedroom apartment.
And because both of us had been on our own for quite a while, you can imagine the duplicates we had. [We basically furnished our new five bedroom house without buying new furniture]
Roger was great at accepting my things and making room for me.
Most of my stuff was a little nicer or a little newer. So we kept a lot of my things.
Please do not think I ran over him and made him get rid of all his stuff.
But being a girl, I had nicer plates and newer mattresses.

There were a few things we could not agree on which to keep.
And one of these very important things was...
Our spoons.

Now, spoons are a very important utensil.
Especially to people who ate a lot of cereal and when Roger "made" lots of ice cream.
I like a specific shape and size.
I do not like spoons to be too skinny (not good for eating cereal in my opinion).
I also have specific spoons I like for eating ice cream.
The one that I adore is a small spoon that is about 3/4 the normal size of a spoon and it is very light. It makes eating ice cream last longer or at least it seems that way.

Roger, however, liked spoons to be heavy in his hand.
He liked spoons that were smaller headed.
He felt the spoons I brought into the relationship were too light.
So they must be cheap and flimsy in his opinion.
I do not like heavy spoons. Not for things like oh I don't know eating out of them.
Silly boy.

And Roger's response right now would be "Silly girl."

So instead of fighting about it, we kept both sets of spoons.
I tried not to segregate them into two different compartments (we had enough spoons to fill two compartments) but I noticed we were always finding our perspective spoons when it came time to eat.
And when Roger would serve me that delicious "homemade" ice cream, he would bring me my favorite eating ice cream spoon if it was clean.

Every time I open that utensil drawer, I see his spoons.
And I know how silly it is to attach a person and their memory to something as simple as a spoon, but I do.
I just can not imagine getting rid of those spoons even though I still do not use them.
Unless of course there is a spoon shortage or spoon emergency situation.


Teri said...

I LOVE this entry. LOVE it. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it and hearing about another Star-and-Roger-ism :)

Kitty Bear said...

Will and I have lots of stuff too...and some of it is "preference" stuff (although I can't think of any spoons, we're using the plates and cups he used in college right now).

Isn't it funny how things like that come up? I love your entries like this: so cute!

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

This is one of the best things I have ever read. You rule!