Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Wicked

I was telling this story to my friends Jen and Brian the other day when they were playing the Broadway ticket lottery so I thought I would write it down as well.


Side background note:
Roger had also been threatening to propose to me for months before this story.
I kept telling him he could not do it yet.
I was full of excuses and as one ran out, I gave him another.
I had committment-phobia issues. Big time.

Roger and I went on our first planned vacation together in July 2006.
We had been on a few smaller trips but this one was going to be ten days. Ten days!
Ten days that could end up being a disaster, an exciting adventure, or a nice vacation.
I was hoping for either of the latter but I knew this was an important trip.
It would be a turning point for either the good or the bad in our relationship.

While planning the trip, we wanted to see a broadway show.
We both wanted to see "Wicked."
I had read the book and I think Roger may have as well.
Or he had some other reason (maybe just me) to see the show.

During the planning phase, I noticed "Wicked" was sold out.
The only tickets available were $500 or more and neither of us were willing to shell out that kind of money.
Especially since I noticed a little blurb on their website about the lottery system.

Basically, the lottery system is a way to get tickets the same day as a show.
Every show wants to have a full house so this is one way they do it.
To play, we had to show up at about 5:00pm to wait in line to put our name into the drawing.
Two hours before show time, they draw names for 14 sets of tickets. The tickets cost $25 each in cash.
These tickets are awesome. They are in the front row and center section.

I told Roger about this lottery system.
He told me I was lucky enough to win so we should just plan on going and see what happened.
As a planner and a control freak, this was very hard for me just to let go and let things happen.
But I had alternate plans in my head so I said "Yes dear."

We had picked Thursday to be our day to play the "Wicked" lottery.
During the trip, Roger and I were getting closer and closer.
He met many of my New York friends and they liked him.
We were having a blast together.
Maybe I could marry this guy.
Maybe he was the "one."

In the shower Thursday morning, I was praying about Roger and our relationship.
And being immature and silly, I decided to ask God for a sign.
If Roger and I were suppose to get married, I would win those "Wicked" tickets.

We got ready for our day.
We dressed semi-dressy just in case we won.
We did some shopping and then headed over to the theatre.

At the box office, there were at least 500 people waiting to put their name in the lottery.
I was nervous.
I had made a deal with God.
The big man. The guy upstairs.
I wanted those tickets but did I want what it would mean if I won.
My palms were sweating.

We finally put our names in.
We both put our names in and figured if we both won, we would give them away to some really nice people.
It was going to be thirty minutes before they drew the names so we went to get a snack.

We went back to the theatre about ten minutes before the drawing.
I was pacing.
I could not sit still.

The guy steps up to the table with all the names.
My heart is racing.
He calls out the first name - not me or Roger.
He calls out the second name - not me or Roger.
He calls out the third name - Star L.

I almost pass out.
Oh my.
I won.
Roger is so excited for us.
He has no idea about my deal with God.
So I start talking with the "guy upstairs".
"Oh my God. What did you just do? Roger is the guy for me? Really? Are you sure?"

I was so happy.
That was it, Roger was the man for me.
I asked God for a silly sign and he gave it to me.

Roger and I went off to dinner to celebrate.
We sat center stage.
Right behind the conductor of the orchestra.
It was an amazing show.
It was an amazing night.

We had an amazing trip the rest of the week.
We returned home and we still loved each other.
Vacation was a success.
As the parking shuttle dropped us off at our car, I told Roger he could now propose.
I was ready.
He smiled. "Okay. Well, it could be in the next five minutes or the year. You'll have to see."

And that story is for a different entry.


Deborah said...

Star, thats a great story! I love it! and P.S. I also love Wicked!

Rach said...

I really enjoy all your stories of the time you shared with your love. But it makes me so sad at the same time for you. I will be here reading and hope that some day it will get a better.