Friday, November 13, 2009


This is a side note to today's previous post:

One person mentioned to me one time before the accident I should be careful because God may take all of this away from me.
I was not a gloating person.
I would not have boasted at the reunion.
If anything, I would not have said much at all.
I would have just been me.
I would have been happy.

And uhmm, I am sorry but I cannot believe that for one minute.
I was not ungrateful or undeserving.
I went through a lot of crap in my life.
Why should I always suffer?
Why should I always get the shit end of the stick?
If God is my father then why would a father do this to his child.
Sorry... I really do not think God works that way...
Yeah... a bit of a tangent that still burns me.

I am sure that person never thought I would lose my husband.
But still...
I cannot believe God is like that.

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Sean said...

I think they have God confused with Karma (perhaps they need a break from "My Name is Earl")and even so, what did you do to piss off Karma?