Monday, January 12, 2009

I did it!

Because I know I will have a lot of curious people wondering how my first day back in school went so...

Today went fine.
Of course it is just the first day. And tomorrow is another day of first class day.
This was day where the instructors just introduce themselves and hand out syllabi.
Get this book, go to this website, blah blah blah.

It was nice to have a purpose this morning but at the same time there was still that off feeling.
This is not the normal way of getting ready for work/school.
I can be as loud as I want. There is no risk of waking someone up. Roger is not still sleeping like he always would be.
No one to be jealous of that he is still sleeping and I am awake and functioning.
No trying to figure how where Roger's face was turned for a goodbye kiss for the sleepy head.
No little teasing conversation from me knowing he will not remember later.
No "You look cute today" comments from him.
Just silence and an empty cold bed with sheets pulled back where Roger should be laying.

School however was fine.
My gut feelings thus far say that I will like the whacky biology teacher which will probably/hopefully deepen my desire to become him. Although he did mention he does Tai Chi before class and it sent shivers down my spine.
The speech class was a speech class. But when thinking of topics I could use for speeches, all I kept coming up with were related to widowhood, why doesn't Florida have vehicle inspections, living will, should you keeping someone alive who is in a persistent vegetative state, etc. Then I thought if I do any of these topics these people will think I am insane/dark/sad.
I did like the feeling of just walking around campus not thinking about work life.

It will take a while for the new life to take hold and more adjusting to not having him here in the getting ready routine.
But I can mark day one of back to normal life off my list.


Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

Congrats on your first day back to school. I wish you luck.

jd said...

Yay for whacky biology teachers!

Kitty Bear said...

Yay, Star! Your comment about the bio prof made me laugh :) I never took bio for either of my degrees...but UCF does have some crazy teachers!

Have a great semester :)

Joanne said...

Star, I'm so excited for you! You are going to be such a great student and an even better biology instructor.