Monday, January 26, 2009

The ring

I talked about my new ring back in December.
I also mentioned the meltdown I had in the jewelry store.
However, I forgot to actually show the end product.

So this is it.
My new ring.
The center diamond is my engagement ring diamond.
It is surrounded by my wedding band diamonds and some sapphires I added since our wedding colors were blue and navy.

I am so in love with it.
I love looking at it.
I love looking as my hand rests on the steering wheel while driving and seeing it.
It almost feels like it did when I first put it on as an engagement ring.
And then again as a set.

It no longer has the feel of "I am a widow".
I am no longer haunted by what it used to mean.
It is new again.
And yet it still reminds me of my beautiful husband and our beautiful marriage.
I no longer feel like people are staring at my hand and if they are it is because they are mesmerized by my beautiful ring.


robyn said...

star, it's gorgeous!!

Kitty Bear said...

That's so lovely! Glad you have something that feels new again :)

txmomx6 said...

It's beautiful.
I'm glad you could make something beautiful out of something so tragic.
I made our rings into a necklace and love wearing it. Something new is good.
Something new that reminds us of something wonderful is even better.

Laura said...

It's so beautiful! What a special piece of jewelry!

Anonymous said...

I was on the Pioneer Woman's website and found your link. The ring is absolutely gorgeous. I read your bio and now I'm in tears (at work!) so very sorry for your loss. I don't know you but I'm saying a prayer for you, wishing lots of happiness to come your way this year.

flamingofluffy said...

your ring is absolutely beautiful :)