Sunday, January 18, 2009

Living Alone

I have been eyeing my nice jetted bath tub all week.
It has been calling me after my first week back at semi-normal life.
All those nice candles in the jar and just nice hot bath, hmm.
Just to relax and be warm after all the cold weather.
So last night after finishing some homework, I went to run the water.
I decided to go ahead and get in while I waited for the water to fill the bath tub.
It felt so nice.
Warm water just surrounding me.

I had left the bathroom door open so the cats could come talk to me.
Its nice to have their company as I sit and relax.
They were quite amazed for the door to be open after 11pm.
They are normally locked out from the bedroom and master bath at nighttime just because they can become rumbustious at night.
They gingerly walked into the bathroom.

Gizmo was first.
I tried to play peek-a-boo with her but she kept getting distracted by Gadget following behind her.
They normally play in the bathtub themselves during the day when it is dry.
I could see Gizmo asking me why I was in there. What was I doing?
And especially why was I sitting in water.

Gizmo jumped up on the side to investigate and Gadget quickly followed her.
Gizmo is the curious one. Gadget will only follow after it is declared safe by Gizmo.
We are all chatting when it happened.
Gizmo slips.
She is falling into the bath.
Her hind legs are completely submerged in the water and I am trying to help her out.
She digs her back claws into my hand. Blood is coming out of my hand.
She is freaked out.
She is scrambling to get out of the bathtub as fast as she can.
There are rocks flying from the rock/candle set. [None of the candles were not lit.]
That big candle in jar... huge crash onto the floor.
Glass flies everywhere as both cats are running to get out of there.

Glass is absolutely everywhere. It is in a million pieces and slivers are everywhere.
It is in the bath rugs. It is from the bathtub over to the shower, in the water closet, behind the bathroom door and every inch in between.
I have not even had a chance to turn on the jets yet.
There is no one to call out to.
No one to hear the huge crash.
No one to come help me.
Why am I alone?
I am wet.
I am naked.
And I am trapped in my bathtub.
I am also not sure if either cat has been cut by glass.
I do not see any blood trail but they were running awfully fast. Poor kitties.
Poor me.

I run the jets for just about five minutes just so I am not wasting the water or the time.
But I immediately feel guilty for not finding out if the cats are okay.
I tip toe out of the bath tub, grab some flip flops, and grab a towel for Gizmo.
Its cold in my house tonight due to the low temperature outside.
I know she has to be freezing.
And I know any cat hates to be wet.

I find her on the dining room table shivering.
She looks at me with her big eyes.
She is still scared.
I grab her and start rubbing her down with the towel.
She starts purring immediately. I know why she is purring. She likes this. Roger would rub her down with a hand towel when she was sick and she covered herself in sticky orange antibiotics.
I dry her off as much as she will let me and bring her into my bedroom.

I then have the task, at midnight no less, of cleaning up a wet bathroom floor covered in glass.
The glass is absolutely everywhere. Even worse than I thought.
Not only from the initial crashing but also from both cats escaping the bathroom.
I pick up the bits of glass I can see. I use the paper towel trick to get some of the slivers up.
I get out their least favorite home appliance, the vacuum.
They run away again.
I get up as much glass as I can.

I am then guilted into letting them stay in my bedroom all night.
They were good as it is only their third time sleeping with me.
The did not wake me up until 9:15am to feed them.
And of course Gizmo sent Gadget in to do it.
I could see Gizmo sitting near the door waiting for Gadget to get me awake.

I really hate living alone. But not exactly the living alone part, it's the living alone without Roger.
I miss having my best friend.
I miss having my teammate.
I hate doing everything alone. Or rather doing things without him.

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