Sunday, January 18, 2009

"I Miss Him Too"

Roger had this amazing friend.
He is also a friend of mine but he was one of the friends Roger met before me.
He is great guy.
They used to ride motorcycles together, work out together, and just hang out.
He does not live too far away.
And he has been very helpful in the last few months to me.

A few weeks before Roger's death, his friend got engaged. Roger was thrilled.
He was interviewing with a big company for a new job. Roger was excited for him.

I would tease Roger about this friend.
I called him Roger's boyfriend.
Roger would see a preview for a martial art movie or a big action movie.
Roger would look at me and I would tell him to see it with his boyfriend.
Roger would see some seminar to go to, I would tell him to go with his boyfriend.
I was joking but I also wanted to make sure Roger kept up with his friend.

A few days ago, this friend called me out of the blue.
It was so nice to talk to him and just catch up.
As we were about to hang up he told me how he missed Roger.
It really touched me.

Today I ran into this friend while I was out running errands.
And I can see by looking at his face that he is sincere.
He does miss Roger.
We both had tears when we talked about my anniversary next month.
I had to abruptly leave because I was not ready for another meltdown in another store.

I do not think this friend realizes how much he meant to Roger.
Or how much he means to me.
And honestly, I do not think until recently I knew how much Roger meant to him.
It helps to know others miss him.
Others besides his sister, his mom, and me.
It helps to know I am not alone in missing him since I miss him every moment of every day.

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Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

I simply cannot even imagine. My heart goes out to you...