Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So that's why I'm messed up...

Since I am back in school, I am having to do some silly assignments of course.
One of the first one was telling a story about your life in the recent past.
So I was thinking the other day about my life over the last two years.
Wow, what a crazy two years!

According to some websites I have experienced four out of the five most stressful events of someone's life.
And guess what, I did at least four of them in that two year span.

In January 2007, I moved in with Roger and I was in school part-time.
In March 2007, Roger changed jobs. After working with a company for ten years, he decided it was time for a change.
In April 2007, we bought a house and tried unsuccessfully for six months to sell Roger's previous home. It was such a stressful time and we were selling as the market was falling. We were also selling in the summer months and had to keep a Florida home cool for potential buyers at all times, keep the grass green, and keep making home improvements to make it better than the competition. All while saving for a wedding and making two mortgage payments. Both of us were in school.
In October 2007, I was moved into a department at work that I loathed. My manager changed four times in three months. My commute was painful. Instead of working two days a week from home and having a flexible schedule, I was required to be in the office five days a week at set hours. I was micromanaged and doing tedious tasks. I hated my job. I hated my job so much. Both of us still in school.
In December 2007, Roger graduated from University of Central Florida. Then only one of us (me) was a student.
In February 23, 2008, we got married. We planned the whole thing ourselves and paid for it ourselves except for part of the honeymoon.

August 22, 2008, we are in a serious car accident. We were both injured.
August 28, 2008, Roger dies. He leaves me.
November 2008, I quit my job after being on short term disability for three months. I start making new financial plans for my future.
January 2009, I go from part-time school status to full-time status and change career paths completely.

Hmm, maybe I do have a little bit of stress in my life?
Maybe I should not be so hard on myself.
Maybe I have had a ton of life changes and major stressing events in my life.
Just maybe.

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