Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Traveling. Alone.

Years ago, I had a job where I traveled Monday through Thursday every week.
It was fun at first.  I was twenty-two so of course it was fun.
I met a lot of great people through the two years but it was tiring and exhausting.
I got to live part-time in several cities all over.
However, it took some of the joy I get from traveling.
Some of the joy but not all.
I do not think anything can take the complete joy I feel from traveling.
It is a very strong love.

I still traveled for fun then, before then, and since then quite a bit.  
And I love traveling when it is not for work.
Love. It.
I get this high from going to the airport.
From getting into my own flying routine.
From parking the car, wearing specific type of shoes, having my carry on with specific items, listening to my iPod, reading good books, and even getting my specific complimentary beverage without ice.  

Then of course, once I am there, I love exploring a new city, meeting new people, and eating new food.
I love walking down old streets, new streets, local streets, and even some touristy streets.
And I do not mind doing it alone.  I almost prefer it.  It just depends on the person traveling with me.
I have traveled quite a bit alone such as Sydney, Paris, London (for the first few days), San Diego, and now I can add Seattle.  

Last summer/fall, after the accident, my friend Carma invited me to her new city of Seattle.
I had never been to the Northwest. 
I had always wanted to visit it.

I met Carma during the wedding planning process.  
She was my contact person for my caterer for the wedding.
She is awesome.
And we clicked so well.
We would talk about catering for about fifteen minutes but everything else for about two hours.
Roger liked her a lot too.
Even after the wedding, I stayed in contact with her.

So this past Friday, I boarded a plane to go see her and her Seattle.
I realized as I was boarding, how I really did not know her very well.
But I was excited.
I was traveling again.
For fun.
And as an added bonus, I was excited to get to know Carma better.

And like a few weeks ago with the camping experience, I felt a bit of a pang not to have Roger with me.
Not really loneliness but just "man, I wish he was here too."

When I traveled for work, I loved to people watch.
To watch the families.
The couples.
The people seeing each other for the first time in a while.  
The people dropping off passengers.
The businessmen.
Not much has changed since then.

Except for me.
I am different.
But... I can honestly say, I am falling in love again with traveling.
And I know it is an expensive habit/hobby.
However, I love the feeling of not exactly knowing where I am going.
Of seeing a new trees, new flowers, and new stores.
Of seeing different people, different food, and different friends.

Next up, going to NYC to visit friends this weekend.
And I cannot wait.


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Sounds like Star 3.0 is emerging for real.
Have an awesome trip.



Katie said...

Very cool, Star! I too have kept in touch with my catering contact!