Friday, June 19, 2009

"And I you"

It was the most annoying and sweetest thing Roger would say to me.
"And I you."
But it was one of his responses when I said "I love you."
Those rare times I actually said it.  

He would say it to me and I would groan.
"Come on, say the real thing."
"I am being real."
"But say the real words."
"Yes, dear.  I love you too."

And if he did not comply.
I would pounce on him.
Tickle him.
Make him go into hysterical laughing fits.
Until he said it.
Or until he would kiss me.  

It is these little idiosynchrocies that made him him.
Things that differentiated him from every one else.   
Things that I just loved.
Or were annoyed with but still loved.

I miss those things.
Phrases like "CoolNESS" and "yep Yep YEP" over IM.  
Things that I find myself saying or typing.
Things that will always remind me of him.
Remind me of who he was.
All the good and all the bad.

Just to be annoyed by him... 
Just to be loved by him... 
Just to hear "And I you" one more time.  

1 comment:

My thoughts, my rants, my life said...

Reminds me of the movie Ghost, when she would say "I love you" and he would say "ditto".
Thank you, Star for reminding us to say "I LOVE YOU" more often.....