Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Many of you who know either Roger or myself or even both of us know that weare sorta kinda maybe flirty.
Not in "let's get it on with someone else" kind of way but just flirty.
Some say I do it with my eyes and smile. Roger would do it with his smile as well and just general personality.

I once saw him flirting with a girl at Barnies as he was telling her about amartial arts class. I just start giggling. He didn't even realize he wasdoing it. But she was smiling back at him.

Me? I didn't realize I was doing it either.
It just happens with me. Notsure why.
I've just always been flirty. And a little alcohol makes it even worse.

Now of course I loved it best when Roger would flirt with me and vice versa.
Even better was when we were in separate cars for whatever reason.
I'd be in my cute little MINI and he would be in his sexy Acura.
I'd be at the red light and he'd pull up beside me.
He would roll down his window.
Gesture for me to roll down mine.
Then pretend he didn't know me.
Then he'd do the "how you doin" nod.
I couldn't help but just giggle.
"Can I get your number?"
"You already have it, silly boy"
Or if I was being fiesty...
I'd roll my window back up and speed away.

We had so much fun being flirty.


Teri said...

LMAO at rolling up your window and speeding away!!

Candise said...

That is just to cute, and I can so see you know with that big grin on your face rolling up your window and speeding away!! LMAO!!! :)