Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary Gizmo & Gadget Jimenez

Well, their official anniversary is September 13, but I forgot to give them their presents so we celebrated tonight.
Their presents you may ask? Some good ol' wet food.
Guess who ate all of their wet food (and their sister's)?
Gadget of course.
I think Gizmo just likes the "gravy" and she probably has texture issues (like your favorite blogger).
The stuff just looks disgusting.
Now, I'm not so sure giving them it at 1030 at night was such a grande idea. They are almost climbing the walls.
They have been moving furniture and I just turned around to find them climbing book shelves. Good thing I'm not sleepy.

A little more than a year ago, Roger and I almost adopted a dog.
We have a fenced in yard and a big enough house for a dog but after we really thought about it, we weren't ready for a dog.
A dog is a lot of responsiblity. You must go home at night or someone must let the dog out to potty. Roger and I were both just too busy for a dog.

So we ventured into the "cat room" at the humane society.
I decided I wanted another tortie. I love torties. I think they are just so beautiful.
We had seen one on their website but by the time we arrived she had been adopted.
There were lots of other kitties begging to be taken home.
Of course, I found a tortie - Gizmo.

Gizmo was in a cage with two other kitties (her sisters they told us). They brought all three of them out for us to see. Gizmo was the quietest. She was very beautiful but not very playful. But she was purring so loud when we petted her that she won our hearts immediately.
Right after falling in love with Gizmo, we started noticing one of her sisters - then known as Spektor (now known as Gadget). She was very playful.

Then it happened...
The volunteer starts asking us questions.
"How many hours a day are you away from home?"
"8-10 per day"
"Do you go out of town often?"
"We go to Miami now & then"
"Ya know, you should really get more than one so they can keep each other company and play together"
Roger says "Yeah, you are right. Dear, we should get two"
What! The non-pet, especially non-cat guy, wants MORE than one? What did you do with my dear?
So I'm convinced as I like both kittens equally. I go to fill out the paperwork and guess what.
Roger stays with the kittens to make sure no one else takes them.
We bring them home a few days later and Roger keeps referring to them as "your cats" as in me. Of course, I remind them they are "our" cats.

A few months pass and one night I'm laying in bed waiting for Roger to come.
To my great surprise, I hear right outside the bedroom door:
"Good night kitties. Have sweet dreams!"
Man o man, he had fallen in love with the kittens.

Dear, the kitties miss you.
Your huntress is looking for more lizards (please don't give her more). She checks all the windows all day long.
And your Gizmo is sitting next to the couch right next to where you used to watch TV.
I think I caught her looking for you the other night. She searched the whole house.
They don't fight as much to go upstairs. I guess they know you aren't here to work out with them.
They are taking care of me though. And I'm so glad I got to share all the fun kitten moments with you.

Miss you dear.


Candise said...

Oh it is so great that you have your two kitties to take care of you! I bet they are thinking along the lines like you were, wondering where Roger is at and when he is coming home. Yeah it really is nice knowing how he feel in love with these two kitties knowing he didn't really like cats, and now you have them to remind you of a greater love that he shared with you!!

Still have you in my prayers, love ya girl!!

Robyn said...

there is something so special about watching your man with your cat(s)....watching patrick with pudge is so funny....'boy bonding'....i'm so glad your kitties are taking care of you!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your kitties! I think they miss me....tell them I'm coming over soon :)