Thursday, September 11, 2008

Less than 3 weeks

For those who have known me for a while, you know how much I love my birthday and how I usually have a huge countdown starting September first (my birthday is Oct 1). Well, yesterday I realized it was 3 weeks away. Twenty days today. But I'm so not sure how I want to celebrate it. So for my birthday I think I want to go to the beach. My birthday is on a Wednesday so I'm not sure how many other people can go but maybe a few people can go.

It is also 18 days till Roger and my 3 year anniversary of meeting. Two weeks since he passed away. Still unbelievable that he isn't coming home. I still keep thinking he is on some trip somewhere. Why doesn't my mind let me grasp this? I was there. I saw it happen. I guess its just hard to believe someone full of life and so young is gone.

Roger and his pranks strike again.
Backstory: The week of the accident a lizard crawled in between the screen and the window in our family room. So Roger being the man cause this is definitely a man job went outside and got the poor lizard out so my cats would stop trying to scratch through the window.

Yesterday, poor Gadget was obsessed with this window. She was at it again trying to scratch through the glass to get at something. I was in the other room but came over and didn't see anything. I even went outside and again found nothing. For the rest of the day, Gadget just sat at the window and kept going back to it in the event something else got her attention for a few minutes.

This morning, she's at it again. She was trying all kinds of methods of trying to climb the glass. I even caught her almost doing a pull up by stretching up the glass.
Then I see what she is after.
Another lizard.
Please dear God do not let it be stuck in between the window and screen.
I walk outside. Yep, its in between.
So I study screen from the outside trying to figure out how in the world Roger got the thing out last time. I don't see a way.
I go back inside.
Okay. I'll open the window and try to get it that way.
Nope. The silly thing just gets out of reach.
Oh, I have a good idea. My windows are the kind that open toward you so you can clean the outside of them (yeah, like thats ever going to happen). I'll open the window and take a cup to scoop up this little guy.
I put the cats into the guest bath so they won't try to help me catch the lizard.
Window open, cup in hand, and the little guy jumps onto the back of the couch.
Oh my God. I scream. Then I started screaming at Roger. This is not funny. Not funny at all. In my head I hear, "I'm HILARIOUS" as Roger would always say when I'd accuse him of not being funny.
I move the couch partially out from the wall. Take my handy cup and try to get him. He runs to the other side of the couch.
Ugh. I scream again.
Gadget is wanting so badly to help me, she just keeps meowing. My non-vocal cat is wanting out so she can get this lizard.
I move the rest of the couch and again chase him with the cup.
He jumps to the floor.
So I have a great idea. I'll open the door to the patio and chase him out.
Stupid thing. He decides to run under the door to the bathroom where the CATS are.
Stupid stupid lizard. I open the door and Gizmo still has no idea what is going on. Gadget of course sees him and paws him. I push her away and then pray they don't run outside.
Still chasing the thing with the cup and he runs near the guest room but doesn't go inside. I guess carpet feels weird.
Then back to the bathroom AGAIN.
Don't go in there you lizard. You'll die.
I open the door and he runs back toward the guest room. Onto the carpet he runs.
Finally, either he is tired or freaked from the carpet and I'm able to scoop him into the cup.
Roger, this was not funny no matter how hard I was laughing.

Poor Gadget is still going to the window looking for her lunch.
He's not there kitty.
Dear, if you want to play with the cats, please do not use lizards.
Its just not funny.


Teri said...

HAHAHA!!!! I literally laughed out loud at this story. You are AMAZING, the fact that you can see the small joys in such a tragic situation. I think you should make a carreer move and write full-time for this blog ;)

Candise said...

Yes I agree with the comment above. The way you write and express yourself, I can literally see it all like Im there!! And I can so see you running around with this big ol cup in hand chasing this lizard, fussing at the cats, and going crazy!! This was such a funny story!

Candise said...

Oh yeah, the birthday idea sounds like such a great idea! I hope you can gather up several people to do this with you! Good luck with this, and have fun!! Smooches

Vanessa :) said...

For some crazzyyy reason I couldn't leave you a comment yesterday- so here it is now:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lizard story, absolutely hilarious. I picture you running around the house screaming at the lizard AND Roger :)
it was great seeing you last night Hermanita!!!

MrsM. said...

I can totally see you running around with that cup- as Teri said- to circus theme music!! Even last night the cats were still glued to that window!
Had fun last night, maybe next time we'll actually get to the movie!

Robyn said...

i love this story, as i have done the same thing a million times with my cat! keep the stories coming, they're so great! :)