Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roger's soulmate theory

Soulmates are an interesting thing.
And of course everyone and their mother have a theory on them.
Some theories are good and some are just really silly.
I am not one of those people who believe that:
A) Soulmates are opposite sex
B) that you only get one per lifetime
C) that you always get along.

I do believe that soulmates can be male or female in a sexual or non-sexual manner
that you can have more than one at a time and in a lifetime.

For instance, I believe my friend Cecilia is one of my soulmates.
I can go months without talking to her and we pick up right were we left off pretty much at anytime. She can detect how I am feeling and truly support me.
There are also times where I am thinking about her a lot and suddenly she calls or I get an email from her.
Its more than us being good friends its something more.
Its something deeper.
Something special.

Roger had an interesting theory about soulmates.
And even though right now I hate how his theory works, I think he may be onto something.
He believed pretty much the same as me except that he thought soulmates would leave your life when they had completed their duty.
Their duty may be to be with you during a difficult time or to teach you a lesson about life.
The lessons are not always obvious but nonetheless needed.

I've been thinking about this a lot in the last four weeks (yes, its already been four weeks).
I truly believe fate brought us together and he was definitely a soulmate of mine.
But what did he teach me?
And why was he already finished?
I feel like I could have learned a lot more from him.
And maybe even in death he will still teach me some more things.

Here are a few things that I have already discovered in his lessons:
1. I am sexy and I am beautiful.
No matter what I was wearing and no matter what I looked like, he thought I was sexy and beautiful. Even if I was just doing something silly he'd find a way to show his desire for me. Even if its completely like a sixteen year old boy.
2. Marriage can be a great thing.
In my life, I've seen many of my family and friends get into marriages for the wrong reasons. I have also watched them walk away from marriages and not taken it seriously. I've seen so many divorces to the point that I was doubting how I could ever marry someone.
3. Make plans but don't count on them.
Roger and I had so many plans for the next couple of weeks, the next couple of months, the next year, the next five years, and the next ten years. It was always almost a joke. "Is this on the five year plan or the ten year plan?" Roger would say "Humans make plans and God laughs."
Even the weekend of the accident, we had plans.
4. There are people in life that you can depend on 110%.
I have a really hard time depending on people. Most people in my life have disappointed me, abandoned me, or hurt me. But I have to remember those people are not a reflection of all people.
5. Delegate.
I need to delegate things to other people and not take on everything myself. I have improved in this area greatly. Roger wanted to help me and he wanted to take this off my hands as much as possible. He would gladly go to Publix, PetsMart, the drycleaner or whatever else I thought was a "girl" job.
6. I am not perfect.
No matter how much I think I am or how much I want to be, I'm not. I am not Martha Stewart unfortunately. However, I'm still very lovable and a great person.

More lessons to come I'm sure.
As well as other soulmates.


Robyn said...

i totally agree w/ your soulmate's awesome.

Candise H said...

I can't stop crying right now, lol, Im balling!! These lessons are so great! I LOVE his theory on a soulmate and yours too. I have NEVER thought about it in either way! WOW how amazing! There are so many of those lessons, well all of those lessons that just really touched me, the whole theory deal, the whole blog just has really touched me. I dont know if it is because Im having an off day, Im so depressed today, or if I just really want to really take on all these lessons!! I need to look at life so differently and some days I do and most days I dont!! Star you are just a super, amazing, beautiful, loving, independant, strong, ok I could go on, just you are just an outstanding woman. Im so proud of you, and for you to come out of our family in the way you have is just beyond me, lol. I need to inherit more of your jeans!! I love you Star, keep that beautiful head of yours up!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Love you.