Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I want KFC"

Roger loved him some KFC. He could probably eat there everyday.
Me, not so much.
As many of you have learned, I don't eat meat on the bone.
Just never been a fan. I think it is from growing up and being forced to eat drumsticks which I hate dark meat.
Also, if I was privledged enough to get chicken breast, I had to eat the whole thing.
Yuck! The texture...
Just the thought of it makes me gag.

Now as a child, I did go to KFC with my grandparents after church sometimes and I'd just fill up on their mash potatoes & gravy and/or biscuits and unfortunately some forced down chicken.
Now the mash potatoes, gravy, and biscuits those I love. But not enough to frequent KFC.
I don't eat most fast food so this is not a huge surprise to most.

Roger as a child had KFC as a treat however (per Grace). So as an adult, when he first moved into his Oviedo house, he had KFC all the time. It was just so convenient to his house. And as a single guy, I'm sure it was really nice to have a meal.

However, we didn't go much as a couple.
There were two times however that we did go.

Time #1.
We had gone to the beach and spent most of the day at the beach.
As many of you know, after being in the ocean and sun, you are most likely starving.
So we were on our way home trying to find somewhere we could eat looking like beach bums.
As we are driving, I start naming off the restaurants I will eat at if we stop there.
"Wendy's... Chili's... Outback... KFC"
"Did you say KFC?"

"Great, let's eat at KFC!!"

Time #2.
In May, I had all four wisdom teeth removed. The surgery went pretty well and on the day after the surgery I was still eating soft foods.
It was a Friday night and I was getting sick of not eating something semi-real.
So being the lovely wife that I was, I say:
"Hey, ya wanna go to KFC?"
"Yes, KFC. I want their mash potatoes & gravy."
Dudes, I've never seen this boy get ready so fast to leave this house.

Now as I pass by on my way home, I keep giggling. Man, he loved KFC.


Candise said...

Oh yeah I dig some KFC, but Jason doesn't! But I so LOVE their mashed potatoes and Gravy, they are the bomb, but their chicken is good too, oh yeah can't forget the cold slaw, that is really good to, and then top it off with a nice biscuit. Oh man girl you have got craving KFC now, and I haven't had it in a good while!!!

Holly said...

This made me hungry!

Joanne said...

I just got back from Boot Camp and I can't tell you what I would give to just have a little bite of KFC. OMG...so good!

Vanessa :) said...

I think there's some connection between KFC and men. Gian could eat KFC everyday. I on the other hand agree with you- and for other reasons as well don't eat KFC, but I love me some mash potatos & gravy.
I wish I could have met Roger- he seems so funny!!!