Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intro to my book

Okay okay.
I know it looks like I'm insane with all these posts within minutes of each other.
Really I'm not. At my most recent CT scan, the doctor said I was normal.
In reality, I wrote these earlier today (yes, as in Thursday, September 18, 2008).
I can't help it I can't sleep.
I also can't help that I thought of these while taking a bath and just had to write them all down.

So I was thinking...
Intro to my book

So many of you have been saying I should take these blogs and somehow turn them into a book. And like everyone else, I’d love to somehow be famous. Somehow tell the world about my amazing husband and my journey into widowhood. So here is how it would go.

Title: “Unmarried female age 27”

First, the dedication:
"To my dear
You all know who you are whether you are dear friends or my dear husband where ever you may be."

Actual Intro:
"So you picked up this book thinking it was some late twenties guide to singlehood before you hit the big 3-0. Well, sorta kinda but not really. This is a compellation of short entries written after I was shoved back into singledom at the dear age of 27.

Just picture the prized pig from the state fair that has just won the first prize. She’s all bathed and she’s all pretty. She’s just a happy ham smiling ear to ear. The day is bright and the music is softly playing in the background.
Somehow her crate falls off the back of truck on the way home, the crate completely busts open, the music comes to a screeching halt, and she lands in the biggest dirtiest mud puddle this side of the Mississippi.

Well, that’s what happened to me on August 28, 2008. My very happy, very young marriage ended and my absolutely fabulous husband passed away. Six days before, we were in a very bad car accident. Roger’s injuries were just too great.

In order to erase the terrible memories of those six horrid days, I started collecting all the cool memories I could recall about my dear Roger. I also documented the grieving process for me in hopes that maybe someone else out there may be comforted by knowing they are not alone."

So am I normal or crazy?


Kitty Bear said...

(This is bluepoet from the Knot.)You're not crazy. If my Teddy was somehow gone I'd want to remember him too. You're just thinking of a creative way to do it.

And I'd totally read your book. Maybe because I only knew one "side" of Roger, but I have a feeling I'd read it anyway..even if I hadn't known him.

Teri said...

Star, you have amazing talent. The pig analogy is great - I especially like the use of the phrase "happy ham." It made me laugh :)

I think I book idea is wonderful. Gives you something positive to focus on and really delve your time and energy into, and sounds like it would be very healing for you and your readers.

I doubt there's a lot of first-hand accounts of young widow-dom out there, so there would be a market for it. Go Star go!

Robyn said...

star, you must do it! what a fantastic idea...i'm sure it would help so many people through their grieving process to know they're not alone....awesome idea.

Joanne said...

Star, you are an amazing writer and that is further evidenced by your intros. I love how you are turning this into a positive for yourself. I am so honored to have you as a friend - you are so unbelievably strong.

Love you!

Candise said...

Oh my gosh Star, go for it girl, GO!! If anyone could do this, it would be you! This is such a wonderful idea and a great adventure to take! I would so buy the first copy and read it over and over. The way you write and express yourself is breathtaking. Either you are making us cry, laugh or just smile, it is all so very wonderful. I really do think this book idea is a GREAT one!! I support you 110% on this!! Go get 'em tiger!!

LisaCJacks said...

Like I said, I'd buy your book and make sure to get your autograph. Actually I'd buy a ton of your books and give them to every lady I know.

Amanda said...

Star I think its a great idea. I would buy it! Maybe you'll be on Oprah. ;-)

I enjoy reading your blog. Some days it makes me really sad and other days it makes me really see things in a different way.

So keep writing! Thank you! :-)

Vanessa :) said...

i loveeee it estrellita!!!!
i'd buy out the inventory of your book. then i'd make you sign every copy of them :)
like teri said, the 'happy ham' comment made me LOL.

Grace said...

You are very normal. I know cause the doctor told ME so. You're blogs are amazing and you're memories are gifts you shared with Roger and now, with us. I feel honored that you open, yourself and your memories, up to be experienced by all of us. Your book will be another way he gets be 200+. So, my dearest sister, when are you copy-righting these thoughts? these memories? these gifts?

Anonymous said...

Do it. Keep writing. Love you! :)

Katie said...

You are so talented, and I know your story would relate to so many other people out there, and would help them grieve and understand that there not alone. i would read it, make Jon read it, my mom, and all my friends and family... especially my aunt who lost her husband in December 2007 from cancer...