Friday, September 26, 2008

My Sewing Class

For Christmas last year, I asked for a sewing machine.
I just wanted something simple to do things like curtains, duvets, etc.
I'm not going to start making my own clothes or anything.

I had been mentioning it to Roger over and over again. And under our tree I didn't see a box big enough for a sewing machine.
I was sad.
However, my super cool mother-in-law and fabulous sister-in-law gave me a Singer sewing machine.
I was happy.
Roger's mom tried to teach me over Christmas while we there but the language barrier was too much.

Roger kept googling for classes for me and sending me the emails.
Or picking up class schedules at Joann's fabric store.
I still have the first email. It is dated January 1.
To put it lightly, he kept reminding me to take a class.

I tried a few times myself.
I kept having some I-D-10-T errors and some end user operator errors.
Then I had the wedding to worry about so I didn't get to investigate it too much.
The week of the wedding Cecilia helped me with some of the mistakes I was making.

Roger kept reminding me.
Every time we went to Joann's he would say "Look there is a sewing class"
"Yes dear"

I did make some super awesome tablecloths for the July 4th party.
And the weekend before the accident we bought fabric for our master bedroom curtains I was going to make.

When I was gathering Roger's things to take back to his office, I found another Joann's class schedule. "Yes dear, I'll schedule the class."

Well today, I finally took the sewing 101 class at Joann's.
And now I can make an awesome pillow case. Or at least a semi-awesome pillow case.
I made one in class. I then came home and made another one for the master bedroom. They are the blue ones in front of the big brown ones.


Candise H said...

Fabulous!!! Way to go girl. I need to get you to hook me up with some curtains for my house! LOL Kidding, but keep up the good work!!

Love ya

Kitty Bear said...

Those go well with the whole scheme...I like them :)

Amanda said...

Good for you! I sew a lot, but I've been meaning to go to some classes to learn "the right way". If you ever need someone to go with I'd be glad to join you!

Marlyn Wilkin said...

Awesome job! I love the blue/brown theme as well.

robyn said...

they look awesome!

Vanessa :) said...

yay Star!
I'm glad your sewing class went successfully :)
Can't wait to see all the other fun stuff you'll start sewing!

Katie said...

great job! I love the color!