Friday, September 12, 2008

Living with Roger

Last night some of the "Power Rangers" (long story) came over and we were suppose to eat Wes' amazing salsa, eat pizza, try Lisa's Mexican cookies, and watch some funny movie. Well, the first three things happen but we never got to the movie. I guess that happens when you get five women together and we just keep talking. It was great just chatting with them and crying a little but also laughing a lot. I love these ladies. I seriously do not know how I'd be going through all this without them and our many other friends. I love you all. You all keep me lifted up.

My dear friend Vanessa will be getting married in 30 some days and she and her to be hubby have never lived together or with anyone for that matter. We started "warning" her of all the fun things she'll get to endure living with someone and much more living with a BOY! The whole conversation made me think of the first few months Roger and I cohabitated.

First of all, there was the dishwasher.
When I would visit Roger on the weekends, the same dishes that I put in the dishwasher the Sunday before, would still be in the dishwasher. See, Roger's thought was "why empty it and put them away if I'm just going to use them again?" So I'd come over and empty what was left and reload it with basically the same things over and over again.

After we were engaged and I moved in, we had to come up with new dishwasher rules.
1. You can't just pull things out of the dishwasher and not unload the dishwasher more than once.
2. We must take turns emptying and loading the dishwasher.
3. If the little green light is not on, then the dishes are dirty.
Roger was getting good at the dishwasher.
And those little things made me a happy wife.

Also, right after I moved in, Roger wanted to upgrade to a king size bed. At first I said "no, I don't want to be so far from you when sleeping." Well, shortly after sleeping with him every night, I had the greatest idea ever.
"Hey, let's get a king size bed!"
Roger agrues that it was his idea first.
Yeah right. It was totally my idea.

We decided to wait to after the wedding and it was one of our first purchases as husband and wife. Roger was really funny about it cause I wanted the same bed the Sheraton hotel's use. See, I traveled for two years and loved loved loved their beds. It was just an amazing bed.

So Roger being the man of the house started googling to see what kind of mattress it was in real life since the ones directly from Sheraton were really expensive. He finds out they are the Sealy Posturepedic mattresses. He also finds out that Mattress Giant is having a huge sale for their mattresses that are at the end of their season.
Side note: Did you know that mattresses actually have "seasons"? I guess they change the fabric on them or the stitching style so suddenly its the hottest trend to have this season's mattress.

We bring home our new bed and of course we buy some new linens. I was so excited about sleeping on this bed. And this bed is so so comfy. I love this bed. I sleep so amazingly well (most of the time) on it. It's the type of bed you can stay in all night and day and it won't hurt your back.

This does not solve our bed space issue. I still find myself running out of space on the bed.
AND Roger keeps putting his cold cold feet on me when we first go to bed.
How can this be?
This bed is huge!
So we talk about where the "line" is of my side versus his side. And he agrues with me that he is on his side.
Yes, maybe he is on his side but he is laying on the line of his side/my side.

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved sleeping with my husband.
I loved to cuddle with him.
But, only when I first was going to sleep.
After our cuddle time, I wanted to go back to my side and go to sleep.
And I wanted to spread out some.
But I would keep running into those cold feet of his.
We never solved this agrument.

After the accident, for about two weeks I didn't sleep alone. First Holly slept with me and then Cecilia then Holly again.
And guess what.
Never ever not even once did I run into them.
Not once.
So... mystery solved. He wasn't sleeping on his side.

Now I'm back to having my hugola bed.
And his side is empty.
His million and one pillows are arranged nicely.
And I can't feel his cold feet.
I miss his cold feet.


Vanessa :) said...

I'm famous!!!! :)
Thanks for all the 'warnings' last night. After reading your entry about the gym, I'm kind of scared to see what will happen. haha.
But i'm glad to have an hermanita like you to give me all the 'heads up' on what to expect.

If you ever get a cold feeling at night, you know that's Roger playing yet another prank on you. He's silly like that :)

Candise said...

LOL Roger sounds like me, I love to get in the bed and take my nice COLD feet and place them right on Jason, LOL, it is a fun thing to do, but Jason hates it!

Im so glad you have some "power rangers" to hang out with. This activity that you do sounds really cool. Im so glad you were even able to help your soon to be married friend with all the "warnings" of living with a boy!! LOL Oh my what fun she will have. But sounds like you have some great super dooper friends down there taking really good care of you. To them I would even like to "Thank them" for doing so. God has really placed some really awesome people in your life!!! Love ya toots

MrsM. said...

I'm so glad you thought Wes's salsa was awesome! I cant believe we ate that whole container of it....
It was great getting to chat and tell stories and listen to the adventures youre now going through. I feel privileged and blessed to be a power ranger (tee hee)and to be able to be there to laugh and cry with you. As it has been said so many times, you are a woman that we all look up to and I am thankful for having you as a friend.
aka Yellow Ranger!

Katie said...

Vanessa--look out. Your definitely going to find some strange habits in the future months. I can second the house streaking and shaking! lol... I'm also happy that you could share some of these funny stories with us. I think most of us can relate to the funny stories, but just like you I still keep thinking he's going to come back to you... it's hard for me to realize this, and I know this has to be so incredibly difficult for you... but you my friend are such a strong women!