Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random memory

Okay so two posts in one day... whoa.

People, I wish I could make money writing a blog everyday.

I had two random memories today as I was coming home from the very lovely tag office (btw, I love you Roger that you had requested a duplicate title a while ago so I didn't have to pay anything).

First one.
Roger gave me a hard time one day for the way I was greeting the cats when I got home. But who wouldn't. Gizmo would meet me in the laundry room and Gadget would be perched on the coffee table so I could give her a petting.
So I tell him, well if you met me at the door like they do, then I'd treat you the same.
Next day, I come home and as I round the laundry room into the family room. There is Roger sitting on a stool all bright eyed to meet me.
It was so adorable. So of course, I start giggling and give him a pet on the head and a kiss.
What a great hubby. I miss our silliness together.

Second one.
Roger loved working out. He would have done it every night if I let him.
But since I did enjoy spending loads of time with him, he only worked out 3-4 nights a week and once or twice a month on the weekends.
But the boy would sweat. Not just under his arms and be a little damp.
No, this boy would be soaked. His shirt, his workout pants, his boxers, everything.
He would immediately go shower but would put his wet wet clothes in the hamper.
Okay. Not good.
So I asked my dear hubby to please put his wet clothing in the laundry basket in the laundry room in a manner so it could dry first.
Now, this laundry room area is right as you enter the house from the garage.
So what does my lovely husband do.
As soon as the garage door would close, he'd just strip and then come into the family room completely naked.
Yes, completely naked.
And as men never grow old, he'd shake his ass and other body parts for me to see.
Again, I miss our silliness
(Sorry Grace, I know you didn't want to know that detail about your little brother :D)

Can I tell you just how hard it is to speak about my lovely, very silly husband in past tense. Man, I hate that part.


Yvonne said...

These are hilarious! FI does the same thing. He sweats so much that he has to lay his clothes out to dry. He actually walks out of the shower naked and walks into one of the spare rooms where his clothes are. I'll never understand why he can't just get his clothes before he showers. It's a novel idea!

I too am so jealous of people that can make a living blogging, not fair!

Jenn & Brian said...

Star...I love reading your blog and all the stories. I think of you every day. You can just tell from all your friends comments that you are so special and genuine. As I read the blog...I'll start to tear up, then comes the giggles and a smile. You know Roger is looking after you, one day at a time..

I wanted to throw this out there...if you ever want to take a long weekend trip up here, by yourself or with a friend, you'll definitely have a place to stay! ;) I'd love to have ya!


Candise said...

Oh girl, see you have me hooked, I just got on here just to reread some blogs and you had this new one!! And let me tell you they are FUNNY!!! Jason sweats the same way and does the same thing with the shaking his body parts when he gets out of the shower, so yeah I can almost picture that too, but I dont want too. LOL

It is so great to hear this crazy stories about you and Roger. I really do hate that I never got a chance to meet this guy! Man oh man, the three of us would had a ball. I know how silly me and you can be, and then to put him into the mix would have been great!!

Oh girl I miss you!! Love ya

Joanne said...

Haha! That is, as Roger would say, "Hilarious!"

I think all boys think it's funny to shake their stuff while they're naked. lol

At least he put the clothes in the laundry room.

I love that Roger is still sending you messages. He's such a sweetheart. :)

Ashlie said...

Oh Star, I can already see the Grace of God and His hand on you! I pray for you each day and pray for continued peace for you! :) I'm so blessed by your blog and you have impacted me so much through it, even in these last few posts! :)

Robyn said...

my fi puts those damn wet sweaty clothes in the hamper too, drives me nuts....what's with men?? they're all the these sweet stories, star!! :)

Teri said...

I'm totally guilty of the sweaty-clothes-in-hamper bit...Aaron gets so disgusted with me!

Love the part with Roger waiting on a stool in the laundry room...that's so precious! And also takes a lot of talent, assuming he was using one of those crazy three-legged stools you guys have ;)