Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stupid pronouns

Okay, remember those pesky things from English class. You know, “your” “my” “we” “you” “they” etc. All that fun stuff we learned from high school or maybe even younger.
Well, I currently hate them.

When I was wedding planning at some point, someone somewhere pointed out that for a healthy relationship and to get use to the idea that you were part of the team you should use the pronouns “we”, “us”, and “our.”
For example, “our wedding” or “we would love to do that” or “just invite us over.” The idea was not that you lose your individuality but that you started honoring the fact you were part of a team.
So it wasn’t “my wedding” it was “our wedding.”
You get the idea.
It’s not the 1950s again but you get the point.

Well, now they are haunting me.
“Our house” is now “my house”.
“Our bedroom” is now “my bedroom.”
“We have never been” should now be “I have never been”.
It’s a really hard habit to break now. I’ve been engaged and/or married for almost 2 years. A habit forms in only 21 days.
I think I passed 21 days in Thanksgiving 2006.

I feel like I’ve lost my teammate. I lost my “we”, my “our”, my “us”.
It’s hard doing everything alone. Making decisions without my other half. There are so many decisions to be made right now and its just so hard.


Teri said...

Ugh. Damn pronouns. It's like with every sentence you say they're reminding you...

Candise said...

Yeah I rememeber reading that when I got married, it does make sense.

Im so sorry you are having to make so many decisions alone right now! I bet that has so hard on you, not having Roger there with you to make these calls when he was the one you made all the decisions with before.

Hold your head up and keep smiling that beautiful, flirty smile!! :)