Friday, September 12, 2008

Roger's heart goes on

I know several people have asked if I'd got the info from the organ donation people.
Well, today I did.
Roger will definitely live to be 200 like he always said and he is truly a superhero like he always wanted.

His right kidney went to a 50 year old mother of two. Married and loves to go camping. Roger loves doing stuff outside so I think he'll like it with her.

His left kidney went to a 43 year old mother of one. She enjoys her family and participating in church. Roger has a huge family so that shouldn't be abnormal for him.

His liver went to a 32 year old guy from Georgia. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting. Now, I'm not sure about the hunting and shooting but I know Roger liked to fish so that should be a good match for him.

His heart valves will also be used for 2 people. I don't have info about them as it will be a few months until those can be transplanted.

So a total of five that Roger saved.
That's good news for the day.

I've been a little weepy this afternoon so this cheers me up.
I realized this afternoon that my iPod is still in the car. Roger gave this to me for Christmas and for some reason I just started crying when I realized it was missing.
I frantically called the insurance people who connected me to where the car is so they will look for it.
I'll know on Monday whether they have it or not.
I'm praying they find it. I know it seems like a childish and greedy thing to miss but I want to keep everything he gave me. And not to have it just breaks my heart.
Please let them find it.


LisaCJacks said...

Aww I hope they find the IPOD, Star. I think it's cute the way you thin about how Roger will like his organ recipients, like it's just not his organs going to them, but a part of him. It is so wonderful how he has been able to help these people. They will be forever grateful.

cecilia said...

Hi friend - what a great idea to start this blog - it seems as if you are already working through some things and sharing it with your friends is even better. I must say I cried all over again when I read the ones from the middle of the week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to see the two of you together more often with the distance and all, but it's truly wonderful to hear about it even now.
I am so happy for you that Roger was able to help even more people than had been expected - this really is a gift and something that many people are not able to do - he really is a hero.

I have to respond to your post about only finding true love once in your life - and I know that we spoke about this, but Star, you are a truly wonderful, strong, intelligent and beautiful person who knows what she wants and goes after it. I know you and you will not let love fade away for you now or ever - there are so many possibilities out there - it's a giant world and you already have the best half of the requirements necessary for true love. In the meantime, let your friends fulfill that love, we all would be honored to do so.

I love you Star.

Candise said...

First off I read the comment from Cecilia, the second half is so true. She is right about how you have always known what you wanted and you have went after it. What has happened with Roger will not stop you, it will push you even harder! Roger has been with you everyday since this horrible accident and he does not plan on you leaving you anytime soon if at all. He will be with you guiding you through all areas of life, even to help you find true love again. It is out there Star, you will find it!!

Now let's celebrate the lives that Roger has joined. WOW to hear how many donors he will be a part of is just incredible. How grateful they will forever be for what he has given them, not to mention the children that will have their mothers or grandmothers, and the husbands that will get to cherish their wives for a while longer, or the other friends and family that get to cherish their loved ones. ROGER IS A TRUE HERO!!! He was with you and now with so many others! I sit here and think about how wonderful that is, so I can only imagine how that makes you feel, that your husband is still out there living on through total strangers! Again, WOW!!!

And yes I too hope they find your ipod, that doesn't seem childish at all. Roger gave that to you for a purpose. You were able to put your touch in that ipod. The songs that you loved, the songs that you know Roger enjoyed, the songs that reminded you of the relationship the two of you shared, either the songs reminded you of the silly things you enjoyed or the love you two shared. " Oh God please let them find this Ipod for Star, it may seem little to others, but to her it is lost treasure!"

I love you Star Jimenez!!!!

lucy said...

as i read this blog it really made me think. roger was a very special man. i had some one give me their love ones changed my life so much. roger kidney will live on, plus his liver. i have always said the lady would gave me the kidney was my hero. well roger is my hero too. roger was a man of few words but when he did speak it was wisdom. being his mother in law i loved him very much. star mom loves you too.
love mom