Saturday, September 20, 2008

I heart my doctor

Thursday I had to go to the doctor about all my injuries and such. So in order to give an update to all efficiently, I figured I'd just do it here.

First of all, I love my doctor. He is so nice, so genuine, and so down to earth.
He sits down and actually really listens to you and talks to you. He runs on time and when I first went to him he took my health history himself versus me filling out some form.
What a novel idea…

So right after Roger’s passing I knew I wanted to see him as most people go through physical changes while grieving. I also was having issues with my arm still being infected along with many others. At first he was going to send me to an accident specialist (before he knew of Roger’s death) and I just didn’t want a new doctor.
I told him I’d pay cash if I had to I just wanted to see him.

Just so ya know, when you are in a car accident, all your medical bills go to the car insurance first then to your regular insurance. So your regular doctor must accept your car insurance which most don’t.

Last visit, he put me back on antibiotics because my arm was still infected.
He talked to me about my bruises on my legs. He just talked to me in general to make sure I was okay. Again, such a novel idea for most doctors.
All this niceness for the great price of free.

Yesterday, he checked out my arm. Which is doing much much better.
No more bathing with a trash bag - yippee.
No more covering the arm up with a bandage which is great since my skin was really not happy with the tape.
I also discovered a few days ago that the right side of my right knee from probably hitting the door was numb. Just about for 2-3 inches but still. My doctor said it will take a year for that to heal as well as the skin around my arm to regain feeling.
I have to do stretching exercises with my wrist as well as my ankles.
Again, he is treating me for free.

I highly recommend him to anyone in the Orlando area.
If you want a doctor who will talk to you like a person and take his time with you and if you want a doctor who respects your time and if you want a doctor who is truly in the business to help people, please call Dr. Anthony Douglas of Maitland Internal Medicine.

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Candise H said...

Man oh man you really lucked out there with a doctor like that! You really dont find many out there like that now a days. Most of them are in it for the money not for the actual well being of their clients!

Hope you heal up real nicely!! Love ya girl!!