Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roger's 33rd year

Last August Roger was super excited to turn 33 years old.
He kept saying it was the year of mastery.
Jesus died and rose again when he was 33.
Muhammed also did something important when he was 33.
So Roger just knew it was his year.
He was happy to be 33.

What a year it was.
He started off his birthday by taking surfing lessons.
It was something he always wanted to learn so we went to Cocoa Beach.
He picked it up so fast.
He was up on the board within the hour lesson.
I was a proud fiancee.

In December, Roger graduated with his B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Cognitive Studies.
I agrued it was a B.S. degree but he said it was definitely an art.
Again, I was a proud fiancee.
He was accepted into the Cognitive Studies certificate program as well which he was going to start this fall.

In February, he became my husband.
And we had an amazing wedding.
I still remember vividly Roger meeting me about two-thirds of the way down the aisle to escort me to the alter.
Roger said it was his earning his degree in Star-ology.
Roger was an amazing husband and I was a proud wife.

Roger also sat for the Project Management Professional.
He studied a ton but he passed.
I "made" him a layered cake from Publix.

At the beginning of August, Roger was nervous about turning 34.
Honestly, I was a bit shocked too.
I was married to a guy that was 34. Whoa.

He only made it three weeks into his 34th year.
But during his 33rd year, Roger did have a year of mastery.

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Kitty Bear said...

Star-ology! That's precious :) I'm glad you have that memory to share, AND to keep with you.