Sunday, September 14, 2008

16 months or or 6 days or 1 hour

It still amazes me that it took 18 months to plan our perfect wedding.
And it was absolutely perfect.
It was exactly the way I wanted it to be and we both had so much fun.
We both had smiles from ear to ear.

I remember leaving the reception on our way to 7-11 for some gatorade and both of us were just so amazed at the day.
We were so glad that it was over but we had an amazing time.
It was the best day ever.

More amazing is that in a split second that perfect day became just a memory.
A split second and one guy's cheap ass who didn't buy new tires for his SUV.
It still makes me very angry that he could afford to drive a SUV from Geneva to Orlando every day (approx 33 miles) but he couldn't afford new tires.
A split second for me to go from happy wife to widow.

It took 6 days for us to know Roger's fate. Six very long days. I woke up early and stayed up late. I slept very little and not very well.

It took us one hour to plan his funeral. At the same church as our wedding, it took only took an hour.


Candise said...

I just dont know what to say! This is so horrible. The man that took Roger away from you will leave with this for the rest of you his life. I hope he wakes up every morning thinking about that horrible day, I hope when he lays his head down to sleep at night he thinks about that day! He needs to realize the man he took away from you, the man you will never get back! He is still living, he still has chances, you and Roger do not. No more future together, but yet he does still have a future! Where is the justice in that?

jrose35 said...

Thinking of you Star! My heart is so very heavy. You have always been so supportive and were so kind last year when my grandfather died. I never forgot your kindness and will always treasure your sweet words. My deepest sympathies are with you.

Holly said...

You know I love you and I'm here for you.