Thursday, September 25, 2008

For Sio, a bathroom story

Today I was laughing so hard in the shower.
I remembered a random story (of course) and I just had to share.
Its probably one of those stories that you had to be here for but oh well.

Back stories:
First, a couple of months before the wedding, we bought this really cute teak wood set for our front porch.
Two chairs and a small table.
I sat out there a few times. Really I did.
Not as much as I coulda shoulda but I did sit out there.
We didn't pay too much for it so I didn't feel too bad.

Second, our neighbors to the left are never home.
Never ever!
They live in the house one month out of the year and live the rest of the year in Venezuela.
When they are here, they throw huge parties and there are about a million of them.

Back to the real story, so Roger and I go on our normal routine of walking to the mail box together one evening. When we come back to the house, I notice that one of the chairs is missing.
I'm bummed.
It was such a cute little set. Now it only has one chair and one table. Very bumming.

Well the next day Roger finds the chair.
Its in the neighbors yard and this is their month they are actually here.
The chair is completely destroyed.
There are shoe marks on the chair. It look like someone had stood on it and broke it.
We had heard them having a party a few nights ago.
I'm pissed. How dare they steal a chair off our porch.
Who do they think they are! Why do they think they can do that! What kind of people are they!

Roger being all manly goes over there to talk to them. Such a great hubby.
He was much nicer than the letter I had started and wanted to send to them.
They say they don't know what happened but no one from their house took the chair.
Roger notices a second chair near the same area right below a window. It looks like perhaps someone was trying to possibly break into their house.
I feel bad.

The next weekend, we are all sleeping.
Its about 2am.
Its all quiet on the homefront.
Then huge crash in the bathroom.
Sounds like glass breaking.
We both wake up suddenly.
Holy crap, what's going on.

My dear super protective and strong husband runs into the bathroom.
He screams "Hey!!!"
With all that martial arts training, all the seminars, all the Aikido, all the Tai Kwon Do, all the kickboxing, all those many many hours, Roger yells "Hey!"?
With the ninja stars and other knifes, Roger stored in our bedroom, he yells "Hey!!"??
Wow dear, you really got them there.

Turns out....
It was just the shaving mirror in the shower falling against the shower tiles.
Good job dear. I'm glad you have that "Hey!!" for the potential thiefs.


Candise H said...

"HEY", that is just too funny!!!

But that does suck about your chair, those jerks!!

Its so cool to hear all these great tales!! Love ya girl!!

Kitty Bear said...

Sorry about the chair :(

But the 'Hey!' thing is too funny!

Siobhan said...

Yay a bathroom story, I loved this story the first time I heard it too, very funny

Holly said...

Hahaha gotta love those martial arts instincts! Tooo funny!!

Joanne said...

LOL! I'm sure potential robbers would be scared off with that tough "Hey!"

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

What is really weird is that Mr. Fresh is an aikido teacher who also does a lot of t'ai chi and qigong.

weird huh?