Saturday, September 13, 2008

Man o man, could this boy nap

This morning as I was waking up, I started thinking about how much Roger loved to nap. He was a leo per astrology terms and I swear he could nap like a cat.

Myself, I can nap only on the days where I don't have to get up early the next day or by 3pm. After 3pm, naps are not allowed.

Roger, however, could nap for hours and hours and then go to bed like normal.
I was jealous.
I was super jealous.

The funny part though was trying to wake him up.
His cousins can tell you many stories about Roger and his waking up but I'll just tell you mine.
I know several of you have heard this story but it is a good one for repeating.

So the first time I tried to wake Roger up from a nap was when we had only been dating for a short time and I was at his house hanging out. He was part of a running club at the time to help him with his shin splints.
After work, he wanted to take a nap before the running club.
Okay. Not a big deal.
His running club was at like 6pm so at like 515pm I go into try to wake him up so he will be on time.
I walk into his bedroom.
His eyes are huge.
He starts to look like he is going to stand up in his bed.
He says "You better get out of here" (think Incredible Hulk here)
"You better just get out of here"
It looks like he is going to try to kick me or something.
I leave the room.
I then go into the family room and try calling him on his cell phone.
A very sleepy Roger on the other end of the line is like "Hello?"
"Dear, if you want to go running, you need to wake up now"
"Why are you calling me from the other room?"
"Cause I'm afraid of you"
"Looked like you were going to kick me."
"Just now, when I was in there."
"You were in here?"
"Yes! Don't you remember?"

This happened another time as well and I asked Roger if it looked like me and sounded like me why he was going to attack me.
His explanation... I was an alien impersonating me and me the alien was trying to trick him.
Okay dear.
I think you watched too many cartoons.

By the way, I tried watching one of your cartoons that was still on the DVR yesterday. Not so entertaining... But I still love you anyway. Me, myself, and my alien impersonator.


Robyn said...

oh my gosh, hilarious!! i, too, am a napper who has been blessed with being able to nap for hours and THEN go to bed fine.... :( lovin these stories, girl! :)

Teri said...

Ha! Roger was so quick-witted and funny...these stories are great!! Thank you for sharing your relationship with the world.

Your post below made me tear up. It is amazing how he will be able to save 5 people...amazing. These people are going to have a little bit of Superman in them :)

Had so much fun with you the other night! Maybe we can make Ranger nights a weekly thing :)

Candise said...

LMAO, this is just too funny! I can see you now running out of the room thinking Roger was going to kick you Hulk style! LOL LOL, you have me rolling!

Vanessa :) said...

oh lordy!!! alien impersonators huh? i hate when those pesky things try to trick you. :)

this blog gave me quite the nice visual: roger, standing in bed, ready to karate chop you. nice. haha! :)

Katie said...

I am a HUGE napper as well... yesterday I napped from 2-6pm, and then went to sleep from 11-7:30 this morning... I love to nap!

thanks for sharing this funny alien imperonator story!

Holly said...

I laugh everytime at this story. It's hilarious. I can totally picture it in my head. :)