Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sleeping Alone - Silver Lining

So I wrote a few days ago about how much I missed sleeping with my dear husband.

Well, last night being the libra I am, I decided to list some of the good things about sleeping alone.

1. In a king size bed, you can lay diagonal. If you do not find that comfortable, you can lay horizontal. This makes for a much better TV watching position since I don't really like laying on my back.

2. The remotes can easily just stay on the bed. After we were watching TV, I would normally just hand them (read: lay them on) Roger. He would then move around till they fell onto the floor. There were many nights upon return afterwards where I could not locate the remotes. And who wants to actually turn the TV on with the button on the TV. They also sometimes would loose their batteries. Again, finding these could pose a delay in going to sleep.

3. Discarded clothing can stay on the bed. I currently have several shirts that I've only worn for a few hours so not quite dirty but I haven't put away either. Its nice. They don't move or anything.

I don't even want to list the disadvantages...


Candise said...

i like the way you said you would "hand" Roger the remotes, thats too funny!!

I have a habit of doing that with my clothes to, but they aren't on the bed they are on the hope chest at the foot of the bed!!

Joanne said...

Hi, Star. I have to say again that I absolutely love reading your blog. It is so well-written and real.

I have to say, though...I'm still thinking about the KFC! :o)

Love you!