Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny Yet Not Funny

I hate Mondays.
I hate them so much that normally on Sunday nights I can't sleep.
I mostly hate them cause that is the day I normally have to go back to work.
I have to get up early which I also hate.
I hate hate hate Mondays.

The only saving grace about Mondays is that Jay Leno has headlines on.
If you aren't familar with the show's segment, people send in headlines, newspaper clippings, menus, magazine ads, etc that are somewhat funny.
Well, usually very funny to me.
Especially after the worst day ever invented.

I would tell Roger often that the only good thing about Mondays is headlines.
It is what would get me through the whole day.
I would stay awake even though I was so sleepy just to watch them.
The funny thing is they are on at 11:45pm.
So really its almost Tuesday when they are on but it doesn't matter.
I adore them.

I would make sure to have my face washed, my teeth brushed, and nicely settled into bed.
I would laugh way harder than they probably deserved.
And Roger would look at me funny.
And I would laugh harder.
And Roger would start laughing at me.
And sometimes I really couldn't stop laughing and then I would barely be able to breath.
I think its from the stress of Mondays.

I haven't watched them in so long.
Probably since before Michael Phelps won all those gold metals.
But yesterday was Monday.
And it was hard so I stayed up to watch headlines.

I laughed because they were funny.
I cried because Roger wasn't here to watch them with me.
I cried because Roger couldn't watch me laugh.
But then I did laugh some more.
Then I would find myself laughing and crying at the same time.

I really miss these every day little habits and rituals of us.
That is one of the the hard part.

Tomorrow is my birthday and although not an everyday habit, I will miss him so much.
It will be so hard to celebrate my day without someone who made every day more complete.

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Katie said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who looks forward to Monday headlines and laughs way harder than they deserve credit for...