Thursday, February 12, 2009


On my way home from class tonight, I needed milk.  Like usual.
I stopped by the CVS because its almost 10pm.
The grocery store closes at 10pm.
And in my unlogical logic, I did not want to go to the grocery store.
Because then I might want to buy everything else that I need.

I walked over to the refrigerator cooler.  
Opened the door.
No skim milk.
And I think, "I drink way too much milk not to do skim."
"Maybe just a half gallon of skim.  Then I'll buy a full gallon later this weekend."
"The gallon size is on sale."
"I should just get 1%.  I'll be fine.  It is only one gallon."
I went back to the original cooler.
Grabbed the handle.
I checked the expiration date because that is what I always do especially when buying milk from a drugstore.  
Feb 23.




Really?  Does this day have to fucking haunt me all the damn time?!?

Earlier this week: 
"On February 23rd, we will be meeting in the library for class."
"On Monday, February 23rd, this assignment is due."

And the fucking asshole of the other driver, his birthday... 2/23.  



Rach said...

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck... Thats what I would say to. I am a date person also. I see a date some thing clicks and then Fuck here we go again!!!

Lisa said...

Wow that's crazy, Star. Sorry for all the reminders of 2/23 you keep coming across.

Deborah said...

the driver's bday is the 23rd? I didn't know that! what a sick coincidence :(