Friday, February 20, 2009


Miscommunication can cause all kinds of havoc.  
And this one time, it was a little humorous.

December of 2006 Roger and I took a trip to Tucson, Arizona.
My friend Sarah was getting married.  Her sister, Andrea, who has been my friend almost two-thirds of my life was going to be in the country (She is currently living in Africa, yes Africa).  
This would be the first time Roger was meeting Andrea.
Andrea's family would also be there who was like my family growing up.
I am not sure if Roger even realized how important this trip was for our relationship.

Since we were going to be there over New Year's Eve, we decided to have dinner with Andrea and then go over to her sister Sarah's house (Sarah was on her honeymoon) and hang out.
Dinner went great.
Andrea seemed to like Roger.
And it was just good to spend time with her.
Roger was being great.
He was always great at letting me hang out with my friends and being social even though he claimed he was not social (and that is a whole other entry).  
But I also knew that it was not fair for him just to sit there and be bored while I caught up with my friend.

So Andrea and I were sitting at the dining room table just chit chatting.
Roger tapped my foot.
I gave him a glance.
I tried to telepathically ask him if he wanted to leave?
Cause that is a very reliable form of communication. 
Roger tapped my foot again.
So I guessed that means yes.

I was a little confused because it was really early in the evening but I also want to respect his wishes.  We had been hanging out with her for most of the day and he does not really know any of these people.
So I gently excused us.
We got back to the car.
Roger asked me, "Why did you want to leave?"
"What? You tapped my foot twice."
"No, I was tapping the table."
"No, you were tapping my foot and I thought you wanted to leave.  Did you not get my telepathic message?"

We laughed.
I guess telepathy is not the best form of communication.

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