Monday, February 9, 2009

6th, 6TH, SIXTH!!!

Roger's car was a five speed.
My car is a six speed.
And in some situations, it can be a big difference.  

When riding together, we almost always rode in Roger's car.  
And almost always Roger drove.
Roger liked to drive.
I only like to drive long distances.  
I hate local driving.  
And related/unrelated, I hate driving myself everywhere now.  I just want to be driven so badly. 

In those rare occasions that Roger drove my car, it was great.
I like being a passenger in my car.
Except, we would get on the highway or a road with a speed limit of 55 mph, and someONE would forget that my car had a sixth gear.  

And most days instead of being a nice wife and gently reminding my husband that he had another gear to go, I became a protective car owner.
"Dude, sixth"
"Duuuude, sixth!!"
I would praise him if he did it without me reminding him though.  
If I was being a good nice wife, I would just gently tap his hand.  

Now when I'm on the highway and I move into sixth gear, I smile or cry.
Depends on my mood.
But I almost always think of Roger.
And the reminding of "Sixth. Dear, sixth."

1 comment:

Joanne said...

This makes me laugh...because neither Javier nor I know how to drive a stick-shift!

I have paddle shifters in my car, but if you miss a shift, it does it for you anyway - so, it's kind fo pointless. lol