Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Roger's Laugh

There are so many parts of Roger that I miss.
Too many to list.
More than words could ever describe.

Recently, his laugh has been in my head.
Not just his regular laugh, but the laugh when he almost couldn't breathe.
When something was so funny that all you hear is the high pitched "hehehehe."

After his death, the first time I heard it was when Holly, Scott, and I went to Halloween Horror Nights.
I know how much he would be making fun of me.
Making fun of how scared I was.
I know that instead of paying attention to what was going on in the haunted houses, he would have been trying to see how scared I was. And then laughing hysterically at me.

He would also laugh like this when I would tickle him.
I loved tickling him.
Probably cause I knew he'd laugh that way.
And it was easy.

When I started laughing uncontrollabling, so would he.
As I mentioned before, he would start.
Even if he didn't quite understand why I was laughing so hard.

Most of his friends and family know this laugh.
It was so Roger.
His face would turn red.
He would probably be a little hunched over.
He would be smiling ear to ear.
His nose would be a scrunched.

In my head, I heard it some this weekend.
I can't remember why exactly.
I think it was probably something on TV.
But I knew he would be laughing with me.

Oh, how I want to laugh with him...

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Anonymous said...

You know...I really enjoyed reading this blog.
It's actually one of the things I remember clearly about him.
After our dinner hang out back in May, I brought up his laugh to Alex. I told him "Roger laughs funny...he sounds like he's sucking air and it makes me smile". =) Alex laughed and said "I know, you must've really made him laugh...What did you say?" lol
Even to this day, thinking about it makes me smile. =)