Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something funny for the road

Here is another snapshot of my dorky yet wonderful husband.
In the IM conversation below, you will see how much he loved the Hulk. It just makes me smile and makes me laugh with him of course and not at him. Or so I would have told him it was with him if he was still here.

June 11, 2008
Roger J: it is Hulk Week on Sci Fi
Roger J: I lost count on the number of episodes I have
Roger J: seen today that is

June 13, 2008
Roger J: Lou Firgino was HUGE when doing these programs
Star J: who?
Roger J: I think bigger then Schwarzenegger
Star J: doing what programs?
Roger J: the incredible hulk
Star J: oh my
Roger J: only thing I think Schwarzenegger was more cut all around
Roger J: more abs, etc
Roger J: Lou Firigno was Mr Universe a bunch of times.. I think Schwarzenegger took the title from him and kept it for a long time

I think he might have liked the Hulk

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